Top 7 Apps for improving Grammar and Writing Skills

Writing today is the most common form of communication among people. Be it your school and college assignments or preparing a report for your client, good language always have a lasting impression. No wonder we were always advised by our teachers to have a good command over grammar and improve writing skills. Whatever we speak or write should be grammatically correct and easy to understand. It is never too late to learn and improve. Here is our pick of the best apps for developing grammar and writing.

1. Busuu:

It is one of the best English language apps available and is highly recommended to those who are at the beginning stage in learning the language. You can use this app to learn the basic rules of grammar and their utilisation in sentences. This app has AI-powered human interactive teaching method. It is indeed a faster way of learning.

2. Sentence Master Pro

This fantastic app is helpful for young students to improve their English.  It focuses on sentence building by various games. It is a fun way to learn the language.

3. Learn English Grammar (UK ed.)

This interactive app is designed primarily to help users with grammar. If you wish to have detailed knowledge of various aspects of grammar, then this app is for you. It covers multiple grammar topics via different activities. 

4. Grammarly

While writing an assignment or a report there can be no room for grammatical mistakes or incorrect language. This app helps in identifying grammatical and punctuation based errors, which we may overlook. This corrector software also checks your document for plagiarism. Its premium version is ideal for college students and professionals.

5. 750 Words

This one is for those who aim to be well-versed writers. Daily practice on 750 Words app will help you better sentence formation and more in-depth knowledge of the language. It not only helps you in writing correct English but helps you write beautiful articles. It is a reward-based app with deadlines and targets that on earn you points when achieved.

6. Hemingway

It is another app to help you improve your writing skills. If one stays committed and do a daily practice of the assignments, the change in the quality of writing will be unrecognizable.

7. Ginger Software

It is the best and affordable alternative to Grammarly. It works on both Mac AND Windows desktops and Firefox and Safari browsers. Its functionality is similar to Grammarly. It checks for grammatical mistakes and plagiarism.

No one is a born writer, this quality can be acquired. 

Alexa Thomson is an accountancy expert who has worked with leading accountancy software companies. Owing to her expertise in finance, accountancy, and technology, her blogs have been published in leading magazines and platforms. Her favorite accounting software writings come for MYOB Support.

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