Looking for a fun and addictive game to play on your phone? Draw It is an entertaining and highly engrossing game. It does not matter if you are a pro artist or a newbie! You will enjoy this quick-paced drawing game. Even though the gameplay is simple, the competition is fierce. The game requires you to draw objects so that the AI can recognize them. The person to draw the most recognized objects in stipulated time wins. Check out these tips and tricks and master the game.

10 Best Strategy Tips for Draw It Players

  • Move on when the AI judge doesn’t recognize the object

Well, in case your computer judge fails to recognize what you have drawn, quickly move on to drawing a new object. You cannot reason with the AI, so its best to avoid wasting more time in tweaking the object that is not getting recognized.

  • Be simplistic

Rather than drawing an intricately detailed picture of an elephant, be simple. Just add four legs, a fat body, big ears, tusk, and trunk. The AI will be able to guess it correctly. The AI might recognize the object on the basis of the trunk alone.

  • Pick the easier object

 For example, when you get to choose between an envelope and rabbit, pick envelope as it is easier to draw. An envelope is easy and quick to draw while drawing a rabbit will take more time.

  • Be quick

In the Draw It game, speed plays a more important role than accuracy. Rather than focusing on creating intricate designs, just draw anything that roughly resembles the object.

  • Watch Video Ads

 Once you are done with a game, you can increase your coin earning by two times by just playing a video advertisement. These coins can be used to purchase new words.

  • Don’t let the competition distract you

If you want to win, ignore the competition. Do not get distracted by the other players and lose focus. When you get distracted, you will lose time. Hence, you should remain focused on drawing objects demanded on the screen.

  • Aim for seven

When you play the game, you will realize that you earn the maximum points when you draw seven objects in one game. To win, you should try to ensure that seven objects get recognized.

  • Buy more words

You should purchase new words as and when you can. This way, the prospects of getting a tough word will decrease.

  • Skip when stuck

When you get stuck, and the AI does not recognize either of the words, use skip. You may get lucky, and the following words may be easy. This way, you can easily catch up with the other players.

  • Get the VIP Mode

Getting the VIP mode offers a number of benefits. You will get an exclusive character, amongst other stuff. If ads annoy you, then it’s better to switch to the VIP Mode as it is completely ad-free.

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