Themes are of the one most important items  missing in Nintendo Switch. After seeing the same interface with the same color, again and again, we all get bored. Although there aren’t so many themes options in the Nintendo Switch, it has offered two basic themes, White and Black in the System Settings. And the most irritating problem is that it also doesn’t allow the users to purchase and download additional themes into their Switch. Anyways, if you’re fed up of viewing the same theme, then possibly switching the theme will make it a little interesting.

Here is how to access and change the themes in Nintendo Switch

Steps to change the default theme in Nintendo Switch

If you have spent some time in using the Nintendo Switch, then accessing the Themes section in System Settings and changing the theme won’t be a big deal for you. But, new users might find the procedure a bit confusing. No need to get confused, just apply the below instructions one by one on your device.

Step 1: Start the Nintendo Switch

If your Switch is already running, start from Step 2. To start a Switch console, you need to press the ‘Power’ button, which is at the top left side. It is a round button just next to the volume buttons and having the Power icon on it. Press the button once and wait for your Switch to start.

Step 2: Accessing the System Settings

·      After your console turns on, look for the Home button on the right joy controller and press it. Pressing it will instantly open the home screen.

·      Now, use your console’s joy-con controller to move through the option of the home screen and select ‘Settings’ (gear icon).

·      Then, press the ‘A’ button of the right joy controller to open System Settings. You can also touch the Settings icon twice to open it.

Step 3: Accessing and changing Themes

·      System Settings screen will now display on your Switch’s display with a lot of options at the left side. Here you’ll also see Themes in the middle of the menu.

·      Now, move down through the System Settings menu at the left side and select ‘Themes.’

·      As soon as you select ‘Themes,’ both Nintendo Switch’s available themes will appear on the right side.

·      Select the ‘Basic White’ or ‘Basic Black’ whichever you want to apply to your Nintendo Switch.

Right now, only these two themes are available on Nintendo Switch. Hope Nintendo will provide more or enable the ability to purchase and apply more themes until then switch between these two to change your device appearance.

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