How To Cancel Spotify Subscription?

Are you a music lover? If by mistake you have subscribed to a song service like Spotify and want to remove your subscription then, this blog is perfect for you. So go through the given below instructions carefully and cancel your Spotify subscription on any device.

See the method by which you are presently subscribed

  1. Firstly, sign-in to your Spotify account.
  2. Then, press on the Subscriptions. This option shall be towards the left side.
  3. Note that over here you shall get to know the method by which you’re presently subscribed.

Have a look at it and go through the given below instructions for canceling your Spotify Premium account.

The method of removing the Spotify premium subscription via Spotify

  1. Firstly, sign in to the Spotify account of yours.
  2. Then, press on Subscription. This option shall be present towards the left section of the web page.
  3. After that, press on Change or Cancel or else Manage your Subscription.
  4. Next, you need to choose the option called Cancel Premium.
  5. Then, confirm by choosing Yes, Cancel.

The method of canceling a subscription in iOS device

Luckily, whenever you get subscribed to Spotify by iTunes, you’ll get plenty of ways for removing the subscription of yours. For instance, you can remove it with the help of not only an iOS device but also Mac. Follow the steps given below and cancel your subscription.

  1. Firstly, unlock the iOS device of yours.
  2. Then, press on the Settings application.
  3. After that, put your Apple account credentials in the correct columns.
  4. Next, if it asks for verification of your account, put your Apple account password.
  5. Then, below the Account Settings, choose Subscription.
  6. After that, press on Spotify.
  7. Next, choose the Cancel Subscription.

The method of unsubscribing on Mac devices or your computer

Laptop and desktop users can follow these steps to unsubscribe to Spotify.

  1. Firstly, go to iTunes.
  2. Then, choose Account. It shall be towards the upper side of the display.
  3. After that, press on View My Account.
  4. Note that if by chance you are asked to verify the account, then enter your Apple account password.
  5. Then, move down to the Setting section.
  6. After that, press on Manage towards the left section wherever it states Subscriptions.
  7. Next, choose Edit. It shall be towards the left-hand side of the Spotify Subscription.
  8. Then, press on Cancel Subscription.

Congratulations! You have been able to cancel your Spotify subscription.

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