It is essential to keep your Apple ID account info up to date. An Apple ID contains a lot of personal details about the user, which includes user address, contact details, and credit card information. You have probably given this information while setting up your first Apple iPhone or computer to create an Apple ID. And after that, forgot them there.

If this information is not updated from time to time, then this might create many problems related to the use of Apple ID. If you’ve moved to a new place, changed credit cards, or have done other changes in the info that your Apple ID also uses, then you will also need to update them in your Apple ID so that you can keep using it without any issue. You can access and update details in your Apple ID from any device you can use.

Here is how to update your Apple ID info from iPhone or computer

Note: In order to update the info in your Apple ID account, you must have its access. You need to login into it with any device. If you didn’t remember the password of your Apple ID, then you have to reset it to regain access.

Updating Apple ID billing address and credit card info from iOS device

Changing the billing address and credit card info in Apple ID changes them for all App Store and iTunes purchases. The simple procedure for updating Apple ID info from iPhone is described below:

1.   Unlock your iPhone/iPad and go to the ‘Settings.’

2.   Under settings, touch on your ‘Apple ID’ name at the top.

3.   Then open ‘Payment & Shipping.’

4.   A prompt may now appear asking you for the Apple ID. This is for your account safety, provide your Apple ID password if you see it.

5.   Payment & Shipping screen will now open with your shipping address and other details.

6.   Select ‘Add Payment Method’ if you want to add a card.

7.   Select a payment method you wish to add to your Apple ID. If cards are previously added to Apple Pay will appear under Found in Wallet section, if you want to add any of them just select it. You can also choose some other option from the Payment Method section to add a new one.

8.   Now, provide the details of the new card, including card number, cardholder name, CVV, expiration date, and a contact number. You can select ‘PayPal’ and follow the on-screen instructions to link Apple ID to your PayPal account.

9.   Touch ‘Done’ to save and open Payment & Shipping screen.

10. You can now enter or update your Apple ID shipping address from the SHIPPING ADDRESS field.

11. Touch ‘Done’ and close settings to finish.

Updating Apple ID billing address and credit card info from computer

If instead of your iPhone or iPad you want to update your Apple ID info on a big screen, then you can use your Mac or PC to do so. You can easily update these details from iTunes Store as well by going into the Apple ID Summary section under Account and selecting Payment Information.

1.   Start a browser on your Mac or PC to access your Apple ID account.

2.   Then, go to ‘’

3.   Now, sign in to your Apple account by entering the Apple ID and password.

4.    Go to Payment & Shipping section and click on the ‘Edit’ button at the right side.

5.   Open ‘COUNTRY/REGION’ dropdown to change your previously set location.

6.   Click on PAYMENT METHOD button to add a new credit or debit card.

7.   If you want to change your billing address, then you can do so from the BILLING ADDRESS section.

8.   When you are done changing your Apple ID info, click on ‘Save’ at the top.

Your Apple ID info will update successfully, and you can now sign out from browser and make purchases with your newly added card.

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