5 Unique Uses of USB Flash Drive Beyond Transferring Data

A USB stick, also known as a flash drive, is a piece of small electronic equipment used for storing computer data and transferring data from one to another device. USB sticks are portable, durable, fast, and superior in performance when compared to other storage devices. This article will tell you some fantastic ways to utilize your tiny storage in a wise way.    

Is your USB stick has become useless? Is there no use of USB flash drive other than transferring files and programs? Want to make worth use of your old USB pen drive? Here are the top 5 best uses of a USB stick that you don’t know. Let’s get in. 

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1. Using USB Flash drive as a Key to Unlock/Lock Your PC 

Do you want security encryption for your PC, which cannot be bypassed by anyone? If so, then you can use your pen drive as a hardware key for your computer. You only need to use a third-party program called PREDATOR tool, which can convert your USB flash drive into a security key for your computer. Once your flash drive is successfully configured with the PREDATOR program, your computer will be opened by the flash drive. When you eject the USB drive, your computer will be locked automatically, and once inserted back, the device will become usable. You can easily download and install PREDATOR for Windows 10 to get your flash drive transformed into a security lock. 

2. Play Portable Programs on Any Device  

Computer programs are an essential piece of software that you use on a computer for various purposes. However, installing too many programs on a device can cause overload on the hard drive, processor, and RAM. Do you know that you can install programs and applications on a USB flash drive as well as run them within a flash drive? Yes, it is possible, most of the computer programs can be hosted from external storage as well, whether be it a USB flash drive or portable SSD. 

3. Use USB Drive to Enhance PC Speed 

If your computer is running on the traditional HDD or hard disk drive instead of SSD, then you can use a flash drive to boos the speed. There is a feature on Windows OS known as ReadyBoost, which allows you to use a pen drive for storing HDD cache and caching other computer data. Your USB flash drive has a solid-state technology to store and read data, which is way faster than your HDD’s speed. That is why enabling USB drive as an HDD cache can boost your system speed to a considerable level.  

4. Save Necessary Documents on USB Flash Drive 

If you are a travel enthusiast or an entrepreneur, then you might travel a lot for business deals and for other trips. You might need to carry a lot of business documents along with you, which can be a hard task since they will consume much space in your backpack or luggage if you carry too much of them. We have a solution for you, make sure to scan all of them and then store all of the vital documents into your USB pen drive. That means your full documents can be kept in an ultra-compact USB drive. Moreover, your original documents will be kept safe at your home.  

5. Install Operating System on Flash Drive 

You can load the bootable disk images into your pen drive to use it as an OS installation disk. You can even boot your computer by using the OS loaded USB drive. Microsoft created a specialized tool for creating Windows 10 bootable USB stick. Once the operating system is installed successfully on your computer, you can activate it later via purchasing a license or product key. 

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