An Antimalware Service Executable is a rare issue on Windows 10 unless the computer is going through glitches and other software issues. An essential piece of Windows Defender, Antivirus Service Executable also called MsMpEng.exe is a built-in antivirus or security program on Windows 10. It also works as a shield against ransomware, Trojans, exploits, and other threats. This default computer program can be a great companion for an additional antivirus program. 

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How to Fix the Antimalware Service Executable Error on Windows? 

The very first way to get rid of this issue is just to wait for the issues to be resolved automatically because many users have experienced that these issues can just vanish after some time. If that doesn’t work, then you are not going to wait for the sake of your life. See the below-mentioned methods to fix the Antivirus Service Executable error on Windows 10:

Method 1: Modify the Schedule of Windows Defender 

If the Windows Defender scans your PC alongside another antivirus service, then it can overpower the CPU usage and RAM usage of your system. Using so much system resources can result in Antivirus Service Executable error. To fix the issues, you must try by changing the Windows Defender Schedule. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Head to Start menu. 
  2. Type Task Scheduler. 
  3. Navigate to this path using the left side navigation bar: Task Scheduler Library > Microsoft > Windows > Windows Defender. 
  4. Choose the Properties of the Windows Defender Schedule Scan option by pressing the right click on it. 
  5. Head to Triggers from the upper menu. 
  6. Press New. 
  7. Head to the Begin the task drop-down and then choose On a schedule
  8. Choose Weekly from your left. 
  9. Use the Start option to set when the program should scan your device by choosing the Data and Time.  
  10. Set the Recur every option to tell the software in how many weeks you want to reoccur the scan.
  11. Now define the day of the week in which you want to run the scan automatically. 
  12. Hit OK. 
  13. Press the Ok button once more to close the wizard.
  14. Reboot the device. 

Method 2: Using the Exclusion List of Windows Defender

In this method, we are going to include Antivirus Service Executable into the exclusion list of Windows Defender. See the instructions mentioned below to fix the Antivirus Service Executable message on Windows 10:

  1. Head to Start Menu
  2. Search for Settings and then hit Enter
  3. Now click on Update & Security. 
  4. Tap on the Windows Security option. 
  5. Once that done, go to Virus & threat protection. Choose the Manage Settings. 
  6. In the Exclusions, choose the Add button. 
  7. Now Press the Add an exclusion option to add the Antivirus Service Executable into the list. 
  8. You have to find MsMpEng.exe and then add it to the Windows Defender exclusion list. 

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