Best Free Mouse & Keyboard Locker Software for Windows 10

Imagine this, you want to do some work on your PC and you have some children near your desk. Surely, you will don’t want to leave your desk because you don’t want to leave your PC mouse and keywords unprotected. Maybe you have suffered some problem of losing your important document or some other issues with your computer. You can lock the computer beforehand, but there are other options to secure your computer. The way would be using a keyboard and mouse locker software on Windows 10. Here we have gathered up the best free keyboard and mouse lockers for you.


Free Keyboards and Mouse locker Software for Windows 10

There is some excellent software that is providing features where you can lock your mouse and keyboard separately.

  • Blue Life Key Freeze
  • Screen Blue
  • Mouse Lock
  • Kid-Key-Lock
  • Keyboard and Mouse Locker

Blue Life Key Freeze

Blue Life Key Freeze is free for locking keyboards and mice in Windows 10 PC. you can use it efficiently, you have to download in your PC and install. When you want to use this software, you can use short keys like clicking Ctrl+Alt+F. After giving this command, you will notice that your mouse keypress is disabled. To unlock again Press a shortcut key Ctrl+Alt+F.

You can lock mouse and keyboard both in one click and this setting may help you to change the lock and unlock shortcuts, enable and disable sound and windows popup, allow.

Mouse Lock

Mouse lock is one of the features service providing by Microsoft in Windows 10.

Mouse lock Providing security to lock your PC by locking the mouse cursor at the time when you are not using your PC. It provides a totally free program to secure the movement of mouse cursor with a password to reset your computer screen.

Another benefit of the mouse lock tool, it is easy to moveable.

 Keyboard and Mouse Locker

Keyboard and Mouse Locker specially designed for Windows users to help them to lock their keyboard and mouse in one click. When you are first time user or recently downloaded the application, then you have to configuration some display option. To lock your mouse and keyboard

Tap on Lock Keyboard and Mouse Now option on your screen

To Unlock the Keyboard and Mouse lock Press Ctrl+Alt+Del at the same time, then click Esc button

you have to remember you can’t be able to unlock your keyboard and mouse along. Freeware application is designed for lock keyboards and mouse lock together.


Kid-Key-Lock specially designed for an unwanted press of buttons. It is completely free for users. If you are using Kid-Key-Lock, then you will be noticed an icon indicate in your system. When you click on the icon, a menu will appear on your computer screen.

Screen Blur

Screen Blur uses an advanced function for the user to lock their Windows desktop. It has a simple interface, so you don’t have to a problem while understanding its function. Every function in this application is systematical and you can avail it for free.

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