Why 360Hz Monitor is not Required by Gamers

In this year’s CES, Asus and Nvidia declared that they had created a computer monitor with the capability in 1080p of 360Hz. There is a chance you may not require this device no matter how good you become in CS: GO.

In the present time, 240Hz is the highest bar that represents one of the “professional grade” of any gaming monitor. 360Hz with G-sync as per in display is able to allow the graphics card to reach up to 360 fps without any issue in a graphical display. It is very impressive although it is not a big deal to regular to little-serious gamers.

Besides the display’s resolution and size, personal computer gamers care about a monitor’s refreshing rate or a max. a number of times the screen can create and recreate images each second. At the same time, the framerate seen by the user can vary based on your desktop and PC game you are playing.

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A Few People play at 360 FPS

In this, we can see the major two reasons why it is not a good reason to upgrade to 360 Hz from 240 Hz.

Many of the games do not have what it takes to reach the framerate of 360 Hz. With most AAA games, desktop players who wanted the most performance generally tweak graphic settings so that they can achieve the highest performance possible to keep the game run without any lag. Generally, the user ends up near 60 fps on PC.

A lot of old games still come in the top priority in the community of gamers, like starcraft, Counter-Strike, Call of Duty. These old games do not require a lot of graphical power. Other than these Games like League of Legends and DOTA isn’t that demanding on fps when it comes to graphics. There are many players who will sacrifice a little in the graphic to achieve more FPS so that they can take advantage of some other players.

The Change from 240 Hz to 360Hz Isn’t That Big Deal as It Seems  

Because I did not go CES, therefor I am not at the position to say, but as per reports by many outlets who used ASUS ROG Swift 360 Hz, there is not a lot of difference between 240 and 360 Hz.

Jessica from Engadget explained her experience and said that she was able to read faster in the Counterstrike, Which leads to much-improved response time. In addition to that, she said that these changes are too subtle to notice by normal players.

Henceforth, now if you are a professional player and you have money to but the best of the possible gear without breaking any sweat, In that condition, 360 Hz is not snake oil. Still, it is not the update without which gamer can not survive.

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