Metro Exodus: Best Gear and Upgrades to Survive the Apocalypse

Gathering the Metro Exodus gear and upgrades are going to support gamers fight back the apocalypse. Few things can be entirely missed. However, it is possible to check the credits roll missing that you failed to spot something essential which would have helped by making life much more comfortable. For instance, an extended gas mask filter or a long-lasting battery might have a significant effect on how the gamers plays the Metro Exodus. So, these are the items that players should spot and improvise their gameplay accordingly.

Besides that, most of the essential things can be located in Caspian and Volga areas at the starting of the game. Some crucial items, such as night-vision goggles that are quite difficult to miss, but it is not impossible. Still, the number of gamers are facing problem to track down these little items. So, check out these instructions to avail the best possible way to attain Metro Exodus gear and upgrades.

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Metro Exodus: The Volga

1.  Extended Gas Mask Filter:

Head straight to the building where a researcher died while studying mushroom. There is a small shack where you can obtain an extended filter to make the gas mask last longer.

2.  Ammo Pouches:

Find your way to the two-floor building with few enemies holding prisoners. On the top floor, users can quickly get Ammo Pouches to enhance the bullets carrying capacity.

3.  Metal Detector:

It is a highly beneficial small attachment, which will support to locate resources in the Metro Exodus world. In case you are running out of bullets, then it can help to grab some effortlessly. You can find such an item near a crane in the rusty house.

4.  Compass:

Search for a crashed plane, and gamers will locate a compass in the pilot’s skeleton cockpit. Naturally, it

helps you to know your primary goal in the game conveniently.

5.  Best Battery:

Players can extend the battery life with the help of the charge controller. In order to attain it, gamers will have to look around a tiny shed to get a gas canister and then power up the generator. With this, you can easily access the doors of the big building and acquire the attachment.

6.  Night Vision Goggles:

With this, players will get a significant stealth benefit at night time. Users can attain them as a part of the primary task of stealing the railcar.  Other than that, one can also use the key by saving the prisoners in the same building where you got the ammo pouches.

7.  Throwable Ammo Upgrade:

Eliminate every bandit at the gas station in the Volga region. Thereafter, you will get the throwing weapon harness that will allow taking more grenades, knives, and Molotov cocktails.

Metro Exodus: The Caspian

1.  Night Vision Scope:

Gamers can actually attain a night vision scope before reaching the Caspian region by complete the Yamantau level. Conversely, if you missed it, then check out Valve single-column magazine. Well, it holds a heavy stock and five rounds in case a user desire to get a sniper. Just be sure to avoid monsters and tripwire small traps. 

2. Enhanced Consumable Carrying Upgrade:

There is a small cave in the Caspian where users will get a consumables carrier that will allow taking more medkits and air filters.

3.  Extra Bright Light:

As we know, the extra bright light allows users to see wider and further in the dark, but it consumers to batteries fasters. So, navigate to the safe house and get it by avoiding booby traps and tripwire grenades.

4.  Night Vision Goggle Upgrade:

The NVD amplifier enhances the night vision goggles to give a clearer picture. Gamers will have to deal with many opponents to the primary building. After that, players will again have to eliminate numerous mutants and reach the top floor to grab the upgrade.

5.  Armoured Helmet:

Battle all the way through the shipwreck again that is full of slavers and try not to injure any slave. You

will find a Reinforced helmet at the first level of the primary area. It will help by absorbing more headshot damage that is a beneficial thing in the Metro Exodus game.

6.  Motion Tracker:

It is one of the helpful gears that allows users to know the enemy location and stealth their way conveniently. For that, head towards the ship and kill some opponents to reach the top. Now, search for a motion tracker and make sure not to injure the slaves, though.

7.  Armored Gas Mask:

In the Caspian, the canyon does not appear on the map, whereas it is convenient to see when a user gets near it. Kill the enemies all the way through the slavers and grab the ladder that they are taken care of. At the top, gamers will now locate a cave along with an armored glass upgrade for the gas mask, making it less likely to break.

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