The Outer Worlds: Tips to Consider before Exploring Halcyon

The Outer Worlds is the latest action role-playing game featuring a single-player perspective. The game is developed by Obsidian Entertainment and published by Private Division for significant platforms such as Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. In the Outer Worlds, gamers can build their in-game character and avail of a ship, which will work as the central hub space. A universe is a vast place. So, here are Outer Worlds tips that will help potential gamers journey from companions to stats, abilities, weapons and more.  

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1.  Use Hard Mode instead of the Game Default Mode:

While choosing a difficulty level at the starting of the game, the Medium level is shown as “how The Outer Worlds was intended to be played”. However, the Medium level is so easy as the battle on Medium feels like a walk in the park. So. it is highly recommended that to stick with Hard Mode if you want to enjoy The Outer World game challenges appropriately.

2.  Disable Helmets in the Settings:

In the game, users are allowed to disable both gamer and companion helmets. Basically, it is an aesthetic choice and will not affect your stats given by helmets. Well, it is a personal preference that you can use to see the excellent quality of custom character, life improvement and all of your in-game companion. 

3.  Invest in Stealth and Dialog Skills:

Unless a gamer desire to do a chaotic, lethal playthrough where they eliminate almost everything that moves. It is strongly advised that to invest in-game points in every skill beneath Dialog like Lie, Persuade, or Intimidate and Stealth such as Hack, Sneak or Lockpick. There are several stat checks in The Outer Worlds game, which can be locked out of computer terminals or dialogue options if you do not have enough skill points.

4.  Dodge:

In battle, users have the ability to dodge. For that, you just have to jump, and tap to jump again while moving a particular direction. It is an ordinary skill, but many players consistently forget such a beneficial move when they are taking down a group of enemies.

5.  Complete Every Town Quests before Exploring Outside:

In The Outer Worlds game, there are two planets, i.e., Monarch and Terra-2. Both offer numerous towns to explore, with lots of famous NPCs and avail the quests. There are quests that you will access through a mediator. So, it is better to accomplish the quests in order to earn an enormous amount of XP and explore the virtual work thoroughly. 

6.  Steal everything without getting spotted:

As we know, stealing items in the Fallout game can have adverse consequences, but you are allowed to steal feely whatever you desire in The Outer Worlds as long as no one has a direct line of vision.  In case, somebody does spot a play stealing something, and they will be in hot water.

7.  Use Companion Abilities:

Along with getting additional firepower in battle situations, every companion also poses a certain ability that one can use to deal with significant damage. These restore quite quickly, especially when a user invests in the right stats and perks. So, ensure that you are allocating them frequently (right and left on the D-pad on your console).

8.  Check the New Pick up Gun Level:

When you get a new weapon, one can’t tell how beneficial it will be until they inspect in the inventory. Since, each gun has a common such as “Light Machine Gun” or Assault Rifle”, the better option to check how useful a new weapon will is to see both the DPS and the level.

9.  Set Companion Behaviors:

In order to see the companion behavior, skills, stats, and perks, find your way to the right side at companion’s inventories. Here, a gamer can conveniently adjust these according to your gameplay and give them equipment as well. For instance, if you encounter someone using a powerful shotgun, whereas the companion got a rifle.   Now, you can instruct them to maintain their distance and use ranged guns accordingly.

10.  Use Credits to Tinkering your Favorite Gun:

Gamers can use credits on tinkering your weapon at any workbench. It will enhance the base damage for that particular weapon. So, make sure to tinker your gun continuously and overcome the hard part effortlessly. Note, try not to ditch them in case you got something more powerful in the game.

11.  Avail Specific Perks by Completing Companion Quests:

Accomplishing your companion’s quest like “helping Ellie meet their parents again” is one of their deepest desires in the game. Apart from the wads of currency and special items, gamers will attain by completing any multi-tier task, fulfilling a companion quest will unlock the latest special perk.   

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