How to Fix Apple TV Netflix Error 11800 on Apple TV

“Netflix” is a popular streaming Video service used by numerous people worldwide. It can be used to stream your favorite TV shows, movies, or any video on multiple platforms like “iOS devices,” ” Windows,” and “Android.” For streaming any desired service, it asks for a paid subscription to experience it’s best services. Sometimes, users face various issues related to the streaming service of Netflix on various iOS devices, such as crashing issues with an error code “11800.” It occurs after some time of using this service continuously and crashes.

There are various reasons for flashing this error code like bad network connection, server breakdown, or you are using an outdated edition of this application. In this case, you are required to refresh your streaming system data.

In case you are facing this issue continuously on your iOS devices and Apple TV, then we are providing various troubleshooting steps to fix this issue as soon as possible. It is recommended that tricks, and you can follow to fix your error issue:

Troubleshooting 11800 Netflix Error on iOS Device

Reboot your iOS Device

  • First of all, tap on the “Wake” or “Sleep” tab situated at the uppermost portion of your headset and press it until you view the red colored slide bar.
  • Now, Shut down your device by toggling the particular slider.
  • Next, you have to wait for a while for the internal process to perform its task.
  • Then, tap the “Wake” or “Sleep” option once more in order to launch the system.
  • Once you have switched On your device, launch the “Netflix” application and make sure that it is properly working or not.

Upgrading your “Netflix” Application

  • First of all, navigate to the “Application Store” and go to the listing of installed software.
  • Then, hit the “Updates” option located at the lowermost portion of your home page.
  • Next, look for the “Netflix” option by navigating the provided listing and hit the “Update” tab.

Note: If your device asks for the iTunes related password, then provide the same to proceed.

  • Once your app update process complete, then it is recommended to restart your iOS gadget for the process to save.
  • Make sure that the particular error is solved on your device.
  • Troubleshooting 11800 “Netflix Error” on “Apple TV”

If you wish to fix the 11800 “Netflix Error” arising on your Apple TV, then proceed with these instructions and steps:

Rebooting “Apple TV”

Sometimes, restarting method fixes various glitches and bugs issues, then at one move, it is recommended to do the same:

  • Firstly, disconnect all the plugged-in cords and wires attached through “Apple TV” and wait for a little for nearly five minutes.
  • Then, it is recommended to connect all the disconnected cords back to their specific positions.
  • Next, open the “Netflix” application and check that the issue is no more to appear on your TV.
  • Restoring the Default Settings Related to “ISP”

If you are facing error code “11800” on your “Apple TV,” then it is recommended to check the DNS setup of your TV. In case you find it changed or modified on any place, then try to reset it to restore to its default one. To do so, follow these instructions:

  • Check that the DNS is linked to Public Network or VPN; if yes, then deactivate it instantly.
  • After that, connect your “TV” to the “Home Internet” immediately.
  • Next, it is advised to contact your ISP expert and request them to restore the settings of your router to default.
  • Restoring “Default Network Settings”
  • First of all, launch the “Settings” application related to your Apple TV.
  • After that, tap on the “Network” option from the provided options list located at the right-hand side panel.
  • Go to the “Wi-Fi” option and apply a double mouse click on it to expand the existing network data.
  • Hit the “Configure DNS” option once you receive the fresh menu option for a particular network in the upcoming window.
  • Then, modify your DNS settings from “Manual” to “Automatic.”
  • At last, hit the “Done” tab to save the recently modified settings.

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