Microsoft is not a new name in the world of software and cloud computing devices. Microsoft has proved its worth in the world of software devices and cloud computing services. Every year, Microsoft comes with innovations in the technologies leaving the businesses and lives of peoples revolutionized, and the company has maintained its legacy by announcing the release of some new techs in the year 2020 also. Microsoft has earned an excellent reputation for its product, such as Windows, Office, and Xbox. In the year 2020, Microsoft is going to give surprise new year gifts to the people by releasing some new products and making innovations in existing ones, which will reshape the lives of people by enhancing their productivity. Here is the list of some of those products for which people are looking forward:-

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Surface Earbuds

Microsoft had planned to release surface Earbuds in the ear 2019, but they delayed it due to some reasons. Now they are all set to release the awaited product in the year 2020. This product will come in the market in white colour and help you schedule your whole day by listening, calling, answering emails, and much more only by using voice. It has two built-in microphones with each earbud, which will reduce noise and enhance the quality of call along with providing extraordinary voice recognition.

Surface Hub 2X

This hardware is an upgraded cartridge and in the queue of products to be released in the year 2020. This cartridge will hold the entire computer, including the Ram, Processor, and inside GPU used for storage. Surface Hub 2X will be used to improve the GPU, so it could title four of its displays altogether. There is a possibility that some further improvements will also be made in the cartridge once available in the market.

Surface Neo

The product is all set to debut in the year 2020 and has been designed in a way that could enhance the productivity of mobile phones. This device can be used in many ways, such as a book, a laptop, or a tablet and has been entirely designed for foldable and dual-screen devices. This device could be used to share the screens together whether you are working in a group or individually with the help of its in which two LCDs are connected.

Xbox series X

Microsoft is going to unveil Xbox series X console with making innovations in the CPUs which have been made modern and has the capacity to give more lively visuals. The release of this product will be a piece of great news for the gamers who are waiting for this for the very long, and not only this, the new generation games will also be launched for this product. Xbox series X is going to be introduced with SSDs, which will be non-volatile memory express and will store data in flash memory. Xbox series X will not be vulnerable to frequent damages due to the introduction of SSDs, which are very much power-efficient and also very fast.

Surface Duo

Surface Duo is essentially an Android surface phone which has displays of 5.6 inches along with having an 8.3 inches screen. This dual-screen device will be a great relief for the businesses or people who were looking for more ways of efficient communication with their clients and colleagues. It will be available in the form of smartphones that we often use backed with gorilla glass. It will enable you to do multitask as it has a dual-screen and so you can communicate or check day to day mails on one screen long and watch videos on another.

Surface Book 3

Everyone is curious to know what will be the innovations in Surface Book 3, and most probably the wait is going to end in the year 2020 as Microsoft is looking to release it in this new year. This long-awaited device could come into the market with a unique design, and this could be used for not only writing notes but also for sketching and hand drawing by using it as graphic tablets.

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