Latest Trailers to Watch Out for: The Clone Wars Taylor & Swift Documentary

Thousands of movie trailers made online by streaming services every week, and many of them went unnoticed by the people. However, there are some movies which trailer have completely stunned the fans and have received the attention and appreciation of the people all over the world. Now, people are also waiting eagerly for the release of these movies. Here, is the list of some movies which trailers have really excited the people:-

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Miss American

The documentary film directed by Lana Wilson has featured the life of Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift was an American singer, songwriter, and actor also and the documentary is looking into every aspect of her career and personality by going delving into the deep. The film is covering several events of the life and career of Taylor Swift beautifully, which includes the trial of her sexual assault, diagnosis of her mother’s cancer, her decision to appear in politics, and many more. The documentary is going to be released by Netflix.

Horse Girl

The first trailer of Horse girl starring Alison Brie has enticed the people, and they are waiting for the release of the film. The film is featuring Brie in the lead role playing the role of a girl named Sarah, who is very much shy and working as a clerk in an art and craft store. She loves horses and her job and planning to celebrate her birthday. The film further shows how some events occurring suddenly in Sarah’s life following her birthday celebrations has completely changed her life.

I Wish I Knew

Jia Zhangke has again come with a beautiful film, “I Wish I Knew,” which is a short documentary investigating the various situations of modern China. The film will be released soon by the makers, and it will be an exciting experience to see the narratives of people belongs to all walks of life in the twentieth century of China. The stories include the lives of children of politicians, criminals, ex-soldiers, artists, actors, and many more.

The List Thing He Wanted

The film is going to be released on Netflix and weaved around Anne Hathaway and Ben Affleck. The trailers of the film are very much thrilling as the fans could see Anne Hathaway in the role of an investigating journalist who is investigating into some suspicious dealings, but amidst all her father caught into such trap. Now the situation has become complicated for Anne.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

The much-awaited animated series is going to be released on Disney Plus very soon, and Lucasfilm has produced this television series. The animated series has got massive success if we talk about the ratings and have liked by the film critics also. The series has received much praise for the writing, visuals, action, voice acting, music, and tone. The series has also got nominations for the many prestigious awards, and the fans are eager to watch the series.


The film is a political comedy and starring Steve Carrel in the role of a Democrat who is very much determined mayor and wanted to lead Chris Cooper to Wisconsin town.

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