Destiny 2: How to Unlock the Empyrean Foundation

Destiny 2’s new season has been released, and it is the last vital piece of the game. Completing the main goals in Destiny 2 can provide a massive amount of Fractaline in the Empyrean Foundation. Fractaline is a major item in Destiny 2, and that is why you cannot just earn it and spend it easily. In order to spend it, you need to complete some quests. These quests are simple, yet there are some tough things you will experience. The quest does not take much time to complete even if you have not pre-made a fireteam.

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Win From the Inotam in Sundial

As mentioned above, playing quests is important and you need to visit The Tower and interact with the Saint 14. After talking to The Saint, he will give you several quests to complete also will ask you to go and kill The Sundial and also the new deadly boss, Inotam. It will be a simple fight, but the thing to remember is that you will require killing the boss at the final level, which will be against Inotam. Among the three regular elemental psions, you need to kill each of them, and after that, you will face against the final boss. When you fight against the Inotam boss, you will not face much difficulty because the boss uses all three elements of major Sundial encounters.

Obtain 30 Orbs of the Light

After killing the boss, the next thing you need to do is to pick up the 30 orbs of light. You can do this thing much faster if you use a Masterwork weapon on the farm enemies. You can grab the orbs of light in a higher amount if your Super is full. There are several ways in those tracks, but if you want some extra orbs easily, then you should go to Kingship Dock Lost Sector in Tangled Shore to get up to orbs in a single run.

Put In Light into The Tower Obelisk

Now you need to deposit the light in The Tower Obelisk that you already collected. You can fly there, and then you need to approach the Obelisk, and at the same time, you need to with that to complete this step of the quest. By doing it, you will collect Polarized Fractaline, which is based on the Resonance Power of The Tower Obelisk.

If you have 5000 Resonance Power, then you will be provided 5000 free Fractaline with each reset. Also, you can increase the Resonance Power, but you spend one of the fourth Obelisks obtained on Mars, The Tangled Shore, Nessus, or EDZ. Instead of donating, you need to do it, and it will help you have much more Fractaline to contribute as the season comes closer.

Visit Osiris on the mercury

Now, after completing the levels and the quests, you can leave the tower and can visit the Osiris on mercury at his sundial. There you will face the last moment and also the last dialogue. There will be no additional rewards at that moment, and in fact, the last talk will be the last quest of the game.

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