When Microsoft finishes the support to an OS, it starts pushing the enterprises and consumers to move to the new version of Windows. This is exactly what happened to Windows 7 and so now the users will have to move to Windows 10. Here you get to know about a few official as well as third-party Windows migration tools. These tools will help you easily migrate from Windows 7 to Windows 10.

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Migration Tool of Windows 7 to Windows 10

Migration is not all about transferring personal folders into the latest OS. It also works for transferring settings and apps. As you may always download the latest OS and restore the entire data from backup. It will work best if you have several PCs as you technically transfer it. As you have several PCs and diverse data, then you must require a migration tool which is going to manage the procedure automatically.

Here is a list of official and third-party migration tools:

  • Windows 7 Migration PCTrans
  • Deployment Toolkit of Microsoft
  • Zinstall Migration
  • SCCM
  • Media Creation or ISO
  • PCMover
  • Windows Backup or Restore.

Several tools are free; however, they are inadequate. Two of them are from Microsoft so we must require IT, admin, to organize properly.

Microsoft Deployment Toolkit

It is the official and free of charge tool which will help the Enterprise in replacing the Windows 7 to Windows 10 PC. It stores the user network settings, state, group data and much more. The entire files are stored to USMT.MIG backup folder. MDT is easy to manage to open light photos and to set up them using task sequence, which is important.

SCCM to move from Windows 7 to Windows 10

SCCM is the management series by Microsoft. A company who are applying it already may utilize it for migration. It is used for both wipe and reloads the install or in-place upgrade. It is a paid tool, and if you are a large enterprise that are migrating all the PCs, then you don’t need it. The merit of using the SCCM is that it manages the control on almost the whole thing and works using the Active Directory.

Media Creation Tool or ISO

A previous process utilized Media Creation or ISO to switch from Windows 7 to 10. An upgrade procedure provides a transparent option where you may select to store personal data and file. As Windows 7 to Windows 10 is a particular change, the file structure for the private files is going to change.


PCmover is providing the free version of the software for the entire users of Windows 7 who wants to move to Windows 10. PCMover Express is the version and also it offers to transfer Data, Files, Settings and Transfer User Profiles. Intel, Microsoft and other main PC manufacturers suggest this software.

Zinstall Migration Kit Pro

It is a third party tool which can be used through purchasing the tool is a potential software that may execute from Windows 7 to 10 migration in several methods. It can not only move between 2 physical devices, but you may also select to migrate from SSD drives, external hard drives, as a place upgrade, without visualization, network connection and more. You may also select among Migrate Settings, Program or the User profile or Migrate settings as well as profiles of User only or the Migrate settings.

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