Since Microsoft has ended the support for Windows 7, Windows 10 has become the best available option for many users. Even if you have spent some time using Windows 10, there might be some hidden features you do not know about. Here are 10 most useful tips and tricks for Windows 10:

1) Minimize all Windows

If your system screen has several open windows, then you can rapidly minimize all the windows along with you working in.

Here are the steps to minimize all windows rapidly:-

  1. Click on the title bar that you want to open.
  2. Select the remain windows.
  3. Grip the mouse and navigate down to move all the windows back and forth rapidly.
  4. Shake it Quickly.
  5. After the quick shake, all of your windows will minimize.

2) Open the Secret Start Menu

All know the start menu in the windows; whenever you want to open the start menu, hit the windows icon on the screen or keyboard. But Windows 10 has a new start menu not everyone knows about. It includes many important features as control panel, command prompt, task manager, etc. You can open it in two methods, first by clicking “Windows Key+X and right-click on the windows symbol.”

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3) Create Event Without Using Calendar Application

The latest features of windows 10 are to provide you add any event quickly without opening a calendar application. You can add any event quickly in the Microsoft calendar application via the taskbar.

Here are the steps to create an event:-

  1. In the taskbar, Tap on the box inter time and date in the given column.
  2. Tap on the date when you wish to create an event.
  3. Create an event name, event time, and location.
  4. Tap on save. The event you have made, it can show in your Microsoft calendar application on your device too.

4) Screenshot

The screenshot is the basic need of users to save relevant data in the system.  Windows 10 had a long process earlier to take a screenshot. If you are not regularly taking a screenshot on your device, maybe you can forget the long method of taking a screenshot. If you want to take a screenshot more easily, then follow the command. “Windows key + Print Screen Key, this command saves your screenshot picture in the screenshot folder on your storage.

If you want to take only particular parts of your screen, tap the “Windows Key + Shift+ S. ” It can open a tool that provides you to drag and allow to select the portion you want to take a screenshot.

5) Launch Item in Taskbar Via Keyboard Shortcuts

If you have attached any program into your taskbar to create an alternative, you don’t need to click the application icon to launch them. You can use your keyboard to open them by clicking “Windows Key + [Number key]. The number key is to locate your program. For example, You can press Windows key + 3, and it will open the third item of your taskbar.

6) Space Taking With Application

 A low shortage of space is the reason for running the computer slower. To run your system quickly, you need to find application spaces that are taking in the installed application on your system. You can free the spaces of that application not used regularly.

To find how much storage your application is taking up.

  1. Go to the Setting.
  2. Tap on System.
  3. Hit on storage.
  4. Tap on the drive that you want to open.
  5. Tap on Apps and games to see the list of the application installed in your device.
  6. Here you can see the storage taken with the application.
  7. You can clear the data of the application, or you can delete the applications that are not in use.

7) Release Ads From Start Menu

Whenever you start your windows as a default setting, you can see the application near the start menu. It is from Microsoft Suggestion, which is ads that you can buy from the windows store.

To remove this setting follow the steps:-

  1. Go to the Setting.
  2. Tap on Personalization.
  3. Hit Start.
  4. This settings “Show suggestions occasionally in start” to off the location.

8) Turn off Background Apps

An application that runs in the background of the screen can send notification stay updates and receive information, it can be useful to the user, but take data and battery to run the application.

If you want to save your data and battery from background running application. Follow the steps:-

  1. Go to the Setting.
  2. Tap on the Privacy.
  3. Hit the Background Apps to stop all the running applications in the background.
  4. All the background applications will be off, and now you can choose separately that application you want to run in the background.

9) Shoe File in File Explorer

To see the file like JPEG and JPG in the file explorer follow the steps:-

  1. Go through the search bar.
  2. Enter the “File Explorer Options”
  3. Click on it.
  4. Click the View Tab that popup on your screen.

10) Stop the Distraction While Working

When you are doing any work on your system and continually receive notification from other applications. It can disturb you from doing your work and distract you from concentration on your work.

Follow the steps to stop the notification while doing work:-

  1. Go to the setting.
  2. Click on System.
  3. Tap on Focus assist.
  4. Here you can choose the option out of three options given below.
  5. Off:- To stop all the notification from application and contacts.
  6. Priority:- it can only preview that notification you have allowed.
  7. Alarms:- Hide all the notification from all applications and your contact, except Alarm.

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