How to Check if A Website Is Safe?

In this digital era, everyone is accessing various devices and advanced tools, applications, and several programs to fetch various information on their devices. In the sequence of applications and websites, sometimes we don’t become aware of the particular and unknown sites that we are visiting. These unknown sites may be corrupted or virus-infected that can make your system slower than usual. The main source of these harmful sites is the prevailing adware that is popping and flashing on the browser on which we are working.

In some cases, these corrupted or virus-containing sites are brought to us via email links, messages, and other social media sites. In this case, the most prominent issue is that we have to detect the site is safe for browsing or not.

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Pursue these instructions to check that the site we are browsing is safe to our system health or data or not:

Checking the Browser via Google Browser Scanning Feature

Google provides various URL sites that are authenticated by Google Corporations and serves you the safest website if you search on the Google Home page. If the search engine finds any susceptible cases, it will inform you about the same.

Virus Total

This website is supported by over seventy scanning tools and domain/URL detecting programs to scan your data and site. It also scans for various things such as files, data, domains, IP addresses, and much more. Further, the site will transfer your issue, creating or vulnerable sites to the security community. Overall, we can say that the site performs well to scan all the hazardous and risky elements.

Using ScanURL Tool

This tool also serves as scanning sites that warn you if this program detects any of the vulnerable elements or harmful sites. It scans the domains and URL with 3rd party services such as Phish Tank, WOT, Google supported diagnostic tool, etc.

 Using Website Scanning Program “Sucuri”

It’s one of the most powerful tools and provides the ground report of scanning by removing all the issues from hazardous websites. This service works all day dealing with such malicious items and viruses that corrupt the websites.

They diagnose harmful files, virus-infected, or corrupted codes located on your site and system. These works are performed on a large scale by its associated tools such as malware scanner and security check.

The service will inform you if there are any mishaps found related to the website that you are going to browse. The incredibility of this service makes it widely appreciated among system lovers and for those who used to visit various sites regularly. It helps to secure your website by all means.

Using Norton SafeWeb

Norton is one of the best and recommended antivirus programs that used to safeguard your device from all the viruses, malware, and spyware. It scans your system completely and tries to remove all the corrupted items and viruses from your device.

Norton is an appreciated tool in the world of security and antivirus tools. The built-in tool of Norton detects any issue occurring on the site that you are browsing and lets you provide a safe environment of browsing. This antivirus tool also gives various feedbacks related to its satisfaction for scanning malicious items from the system and websites.

Using Tendmicro’s Site Safety Center

Various websites provide various scanning and malware detecting tools for your system. They also enable the users to access site scanning features on the specific browsing site on which they are going to visit. One such site is Tendmicro, and this website provides grades to websites based on their performance, location, age, and doubtful activities. These scores are given based on behavior examination and performance quality.

Creating a Third Web Browser as a Testing Browser

If you are limited to one or two web browsers, then it works great if you want to test that the browser is safe for browsing or not. To do so, you have to download the third browser as a testing tool. Make sure not to log in to any account in any of the web- browsers. One can use Incognito mode for safe browsing.

In case you wish to set up privacy to the website that you visit, then make changes in the privacy section of your browser. Then, whenever you launch a website on tap on adware, it will ask for your consent.

Note: Before opening a website, think, and make your novel judgment that the browser is safe for your device or not.

Using the browser’s built-in Safety Features

Most of the web browsers run on some safety tools to activate and disable various features as safety concerns for your websites.

You can manage and modify these safety tools by navigating to privacy settings. The process of moving to these sections differs from browser to browser.

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