Fix: System Thread Exception not Handled (NETIO.SYS) BSOD

Many users are getting irritated with the System Thread Exception not Handled BSOD error on the Windows 10 operating system. It is one of the BSOD aka, Blue Screen of Death errors in the Windows OS. The error repeatedly appears due to fault, outdated or damaged drivers and system files. When some components and essential files from your system, then there are many chances that you may see the same error on your device. In case you are also encountering the same error on your system, then no need to worry about it, just come after every method mentioned here.  

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Solution 1: launch the System File Checker

As you know the NETIO.SYS file is accountable for triggering the System Thread Exception not Handled BSOD error on Windows 10 system. So the file is might be corrupted or missing that’s why the error is appearing. In order to solve the issue, you have to fix the file first, and then the error will be resolved on its own. So follow the below instructions to rebuild or repair the NETIO.SYS file on your system:

  1. Head to Start menu.
  2. Put in Command Prompt.
  3. Now make a right-click on the best matching result.
  4. Then choose the Run as administrator option.
  5. Now choose the Yes option to continue.  
  6. The Command Prompt would appear now.
  7. Put in sfc /scannow following by the Enter key.
  8. Wait until the operation completes.
  9. Now once the process completes, close the window.
  10. See if the issue persists.

Solution 2: Using Automatic Startup Repair

This process can also repair the damaged and lost system files with a restoration process that goes on the next startup. The method can be followed with the steps given down here:

  1. Plug in a bootable media installation USB to your computer and then make sure to restart the system.
  2. Now press the keys on your keyboard to boot from the bootable media USB.
  3. Once the device boots successfully from the bootable media drive, continue in the installation setup.
  4. Pick the Language, Time and provide the other required details.
  5. Hit the Next button.
  6. In the next screen, head to Repair your computer on the left.
  7. Head to Troubleshoot and then navigate to Advanced options.
  8. At last head to Automatic Repair or Startup Repair.
  9. Now, wait for the process to complete and let the device reboot once automatically to finish the setup. 
  10. Now see if the error still persists.

Solution 3: Restore the Last Changes of Your System

These instructions are extremely easy to come after, and you will soon get free from the System Thread Exception not Handled BSOD error. Make sure to follow carefully all of the steps mentioned here: 

  1. Head to the Start Menu by either pressing the Windows Logo key on your keyboard or the same button on the screen. 
  2. Now put in the recovery search term. 
  3. Then choose the Recovery icon from the results.
  4. After that, head to Open System Restore.
  5. Once you see the System Restore windows on the screen, obey the instructions mentioned on your display.
  6. Once the operation completes, see if the error persists. 

Solution 4: Start PC into Safe Mode

With the safe mode, your device will run only with the basic services and applications. So the error may be resolved on its own due to the lack of corrupted files and apps. See these instructions to solve the System Thread Exception not Handled BSOD error message on your Windows 10:

  1. Hit the Start + I keys together on your keyboard to bring the Settings app.
  2. Head to Update & Security and then go to Recovery using the left menu. 
  3. Get to the “Advanced startup” heading and then head to “Restart now “.
  4. Your system will restart automatically and when you land on the Startup screen, head to Troubleshoot option on your screen.
  5. Head to Advanced Options and then go to Startup Settings.
  6. Now make sure that the option saying “Enable Safe Mode” is enabled and then reboot the device.
  7. In the next startup process press “Enable Safe Mode” by hitting the F4 key.

Emily Watson is an inventive person who has been doing intensive research in particular topics and writing blogs and articles on canon printer support and many other related topics. She is a very knowledgeable person with lots of experience.

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