Hyper Cannon is the most dominant weapon of Rage 2, but it one of those weapons that hard to find in the game. Rage 2 is an ultimate shooting game with a huge world with excellent locations. Players who play it can explore several amazing areas in the game by traveling. With deadly enemies and hard shooting guns, Rage 2 has become the most engaging and entertaining shooting game. Battle against enemies with powerful and creative guns that are available to kill the players. There are several types of tools other items are available where players can choose in what way they can lead the enemy to death.

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Hyper Cannon is hard to find a gun, but it can be found if you have the right guidance. The range and power of Hyper Cannon are far better than any other gun, and it can kill enemies in seconds. Even if it uses it on the distance, it can kill the enemy with a single perfect shot. No other weapon is matched with its power butt only frustrating thing is to find it. However, here is the guide that can help players to have Hyper Cannon.

How to Acquire Hyper Cannon

In order to find the location of Hyper Cannon, the first thing that players have to know is its location on the map. Most of the players don’t know the exact location of Hyper Cannon, and that is the reason finding it is the hardest part of the game. Now players don’t have to look everywhere on the map because the exact location of the Hyper Cannon gun is situated on the Northern Side of the map. In the Northern direction of the map, there is Wild Region available at Greenhaven Ark location.

The direction Northern side players have an approach to this side of Greenhaven Ark, and there they will meet something unexpected. That location is the area of the 10-star mission, which is a complicated mission of the game. Who are playing the game for a long time, they know how difficult it is and even for them, it is a difficult task to complete the mission. There is no specific event or timing given, so players can come here anytime they want.

Before reaching there, players have to keep one thing in mind that they have to be fully loadout with weapons, gears, ammo, and then they can complete the challenge. Going there and entering into the challenge without sufficient weapon and ammo could be a mistake.

After clearing the area full of the villain, the Hyper Cannon gun will be available to acquire. Without experience and skills, completing the challenge will be extremely difficult, but the reward is worth the difficulty.

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