How to Recruit & Remove Villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing is one of the most famous players during the current ongoing concerns, and the game’s versatility is one of the primary reasons behind its success. There are numerous features and aspect you can use in the game, and villagers are one of the most popular factors. Animal Crossing allows players use more than a hundred of villagers and you can choose up to 10 villagers to live on your island. Now it completely depends on you which villager you choose to invite on your island. Those who can help you grow your villages and make it a beautiful place you need to have the right villagers. To invite your favorite characters on your island, there are some necessary guides to follow.

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Recruit New Villagers

To invite new villagers on the island, firstly you need to the higher level, and then you will be able to travel to the island of other islands by utilizing the Nook Mile ticket. To get the Nook Mile ticket, you need to play the game at least one day properly, and then you will get what you want to move on to other islands. If you are able to travel to the island of others, then you will be able to invite other villagers to your village as well.

Visit Island of Others

To recruit the first three villagers of your game, you will require Nook Mile Tickets, and these tickets can be purchased from the kiosk at the resident service in 2000 Nook Miles. For traveling to other islands, you need to head to the airport and have a conversation with Orville, who is behind the counter. So while exploring the island, you might see various types of animals. If you like any of them, you can invite them to your island.

After all these, Tom Nooks will ask you to check the land of the village for newcomers. When new villagers you invited will reach on your island when you complete the set up of new areas of houses. Some of the villagers will take time to move in because it is totally their choice. Some of the villagers ask for making the village better or more decorative, so you have to do it too if you want them in your village. You need to keep everyone happy in the village, so it is essential to do things in their favor if they are helpful enough.

Keep Your Villagers Happy

You have villagers on your island, so another thing that you have to do is keep them happy, so they appreciate your efforts. To keep them happy, you need to interact with them any time you want or do it every day. You can also write letters to them. One more thing to have good relationships with other villagers, you can birthday wish them and send them presents.

How to move out the villagers from the village

Basically is you want to invite someone to your village and or someone you don’t care about in your village so it can happen if you move them out. There are a couple of ways to move someone from your village and island. Here are the ways that you can make a villager leave your island.

Ways to Remove the Villagers

The Shunning

You want to make someone leave your island, and you don’t want to be cruel in front of them, so you need to follow this long procedure.

Step 1 – Zip Your Lips – You have to stop talking to them, but don’t stop suddenly. You just have to live like they don’t exist in your village, but you need to continue talking to other villagers.

Step 2 – Personal cloud –Basically, you will see the villager moving slowly, and the cloud on their head also moves. It means that a particular villager is going to leave your village and then you can talk to them.

Step 3 – Approach them to get out of town – When a villager is willing to move out, they will tell you about it so you just have to approach them to move along and they should leave.

Use the Campsite and Amiibo Cards

If you build campsite and amiibo cards, you can invite any villager to your island. You need to convince them to your village to move in. If you have 10 houses in your village, then you can make a villager in your island. Convincing the villager to live in your house can be so hard, and that is why you need to invite them three times a day. Make sure they check in to your village every day. If they made up their mind to move permanently, then you need to kick out a villager to move in another villager.

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