Hidden Details About Olgierd From Hearts of Stone DLC: Witcher 3

Witcher 3 is an incredible game, and the amount of work put into it by the developers is ridiculous. There is fine detail in every single thing and everything has a story, Olgierd Von Everec is one such character, and is especially detailed in the game.

Witcher 3 is a game that is known for its intricate characters and detail-oriented worlds. The Witcher 3 puts a lot of thought and depth into even the side characters. The character might be taken from the books, or the developers might have created it for that much more depth, but this makes the game that much more appealing. It’s what sets it apart from other RPGs. Characters can appear for a single, lone side quest, and still have so much thought put into their history.

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With the main game, came two DLCs, one of them was “Hearts of Stone”. It introduces players to Olgierd von Everec, the central character of the DLC story. As the story goes on, it becomes apparent that there are a lot more things than that meet the eye with this character, and it’s really easy to miss many things about him. There are even people who don’t play the DLCs and only have a vague idea of who he is.


The costume that the character wears in the game is really pleasing to the eyes, with cool-toned blues and purples making for a nice offset with his red hair. It is one of the best costumes when it comes to the game, and this obviously made cosplayers want to Cosplay the character apart from the main ones. And these prayers were answered as there is an official cosplay guide for Olgierd von Everec.


With the whole story of the DLC, players might assume that Olgeird will at least treat women well. But during the early moments of the game, it can be clearly seen that he is not exactly a great guy. During the gameplay sequences, it can be seen that Olgierd refers to a woman working for him as a “daft wench”. Although the game is a medieval RPG, so it’s perhaps it’s to be expected, but anyway, he is not the one to be hailed for equal rights.


Although the story revolves around his Olgeird’s marriage with Iris, it might come as a surprise that it was not exactly easy. Iris’s family did not approve of Olgierd, not at all, they expressed concern over the company he kept. So much so that they put their foot down and didn’t budge, and Iris cared so much about their opinion that they almost never got married.


All the tension and every other emotion came to a head when Olgierd killed Iris’s father in the story, and this detail is missed by a lot of players as they rush through the story. Although Iris did not leave Olgierd after this happened, this is when she lost all feelings for her husband, as would any person’s if their husband killed their father.


At the end of the DLC, it is very seldom seen that the players side with Olgierd after he reveals his true character as a monster. But if the player wants to, one can side with him and let him live and let him walk off into the sunset to live happily ever after. There is a sword to be gotten from him if he lives, and therefore if you need that, you will need to let him live.


The players in the game witness a lot of mind-blowing magic from the sorceresses, but nothing is quite like the magic practiced by Olgeird in the DLC. Olgierd practices Goetia, which means contacting demons from other realms, and although Olgierd only managed to contact lesser demons, this doesn’t mean he was bad at it. As compared to other people, it might take people a lot of years but still not be successful. So his magic was actually pretty impressive even if scary.


Even if Olgierd is just an addition in the DLC rather than in the original game, he is still one of the hardest bosses in the game. Players find him especially tough because at the first stages, he does not exactly seem intimidating like the other main villains like the Wild Hunt from the main game or the Detlaff of the other DLC Blood & Wine. But Olgierd is one terrifying opponent in the final fight,

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