How to Use Telegram without a Phone Number?

Telegram messages are heavily encrypted and may be self-destructive. There are millions of Telegram users, and this platform enables the users to send messages, streaming videos, audio files, and other content free from any corner of the world.

The registration to the Telegram account needs a phone number for authentication, but this becomes an issue for various users who are very conscious about security. Here we are going to provide all the ways to bypass this requirement:

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Using Telegram without Phone Number

Are you thinking of using Telegram without a phone number? You have to read the whole article to avoid this requirement and for the alternate method to bypass this registration requirement. This process of registration is made to prevent automated account creation and bots on the specific Telegram account. 

  • While registering on Telegram, you have to provide your phone number, and after a while, you will get a message or voice call in order to activate the account with a secure verification code sent on the number. The same code can be used to authenticate your account. Once you have successfully registered with Telegram, the portal won’t ask the phone number again for anything.
  •  It’s for a minute or two during the registration process. After registration, you will get complete access to the particular service with premium advantages. It helps to fetch messages from various devices. It is used for quicker delivery of messages than any of the other apps. The servers of Telegram spread worldwide for speed and security.
  • It uses an API and a free protocol for everyone. It takes no subscription fee from the user as it is free forever, having no ads. For security, it keeps the messages secure from online threats and harmful attacks.

Here are the instructions that you can follow as an alternative to avoid providing a phone number for the registration process on Telegram.

Using Google Voice

“Google Voice” is one of the best web-based applications for calling. It provides premium web-based service for calling, but there is one downside of this app that the platform is totally associated with the Google account.

Using Google Voice on your device, you can follow these guidelines to set up a Telegram account:

  • First of all, navigate to Google and then set up a fresh account if required.
  • Then, go to the option of Google Voice and get yourself registered.
  • After that, wait for the authentication code to be delivered.
  • Next, retrieve the respective code from the Google Voice window.
  • Now, enter the code into the Telegram account.
  • Finally, authenticate your account and then start using it.

Using Burner App

This app works as a call forwarder. In this app, the call is received by the Burner server and then forward to the actual number. In the whole process, the calling person doesn’t get the information about your actual number, and Burner also doesn’t share any type of information with anyone.

  • There are two types of Burner accounts: Short term and long term accounts. You may choose as per your requirement. The short term is totally free, but you have to pay some money for the long term. The short term is for the authentication of Telegram services or listing various items on Craigslist.
  • If you choose a long-term account, you can keep it for several years as per the requirement of your account-related services.
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