How to Uninstall Edge Chromium When Window 10 Doesn’t Allow You?

Edge Chromium is a smooth and decent browser and an alternative option of Google Chrome. However, some users are facing some serious kind of trouble with the browser. With a recent OS update of Windows, the Edge Chromium browser has gotten stuck with the system. Now numerous users are willing to remove or uninstall the browser, but unfortunately, they cannot do it. Windows 10 doesn’t let the user uninstall the browser, which is frustrating. Even if you download another browser, Edge’s presence is still there, which is annoying. If you don’t use this browser anymore, the only thing is to do is remove it.

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If you check the uninstalled option in the settings, you would see the Uninstall option turn grayish, which means you are not allowed to remove the application. If something like this happens, the only option you have is to uninstall it from the “Program and Features” section. If these paths are blocked, there is still a way you can uninstall it, so don’t worry. You just need to do some creative work to remove it.

How to Uninstall Edge Chromium 

With the help of PowerShell wizardry you can easily uninstall Edge Chromium in windows 10:

  1. Launch Windows File Explorer.
  2. Now type “C:Program Files (x86)MicrosoftEdgeApplication” in the address bar and press Enter.
  3. The Edge installer folder will open, but if that doesn’t happen, you can do it manually by typing Edge in the search bar of File Explorer.
  4. You will see a folder with a numerical name.
  5. The following name will be similar to the current version of the Edge.
  6. Open the following folder.
  7. Locate and open the “Installer” folder.
  8. In the following folder, hit the “File” option at the top left side of the File Explorer tab.
  9. Now move to File > Open Windows Powershell > Open Windows Powershell as administrator.
  10. Tap “Yes” when you want to permit the program to make some changes to the system.
  11. Type the .setup.exe — uninstall — system-level — verbose-logging — force-uninstall into the PowerShell and hit “Enter” to run command.

So this is all you need to do to uninstall Edge. Many users have updated the Windows 10, and after the update, this uninstall option begins to create problems. By following these steps, you can easily uninstall the program, although it’s a lengthy procedure, it will help you in your activity.

Edge browser is used by a huge number of users worldwide, and it’s not a problem of browsers. After the update, there might be some problem in the system that stops the user from uninstalling the browser. While following the steps, you need to be perfect with every step. The command you will type should be right. If you type the wrong command, you might face some unfortunate error in the processing. So whenever you do it, do it right.

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