Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris – How to Boost Up the Loading Time

Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris is a single as well as multiplayer mode game. In the game, Kirito is the main character, but there are many more interesting characters in the game that make the game addictive. Sword Art Online is a popular series with several sequels. In Anime and Manga, Sword Art Online is quite popular, and fans are obsessed about it. Now with Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris game, you can get your hands on several characters. Once you play the game, you’ll be familiar with it quickly. The only thing that will frustrate you while playing the game is its loading time, which is quite long. Now it’s up to the game, but you can still fix the game’s loading time if you don’t want to wait longer.

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Fix the Loading Timing of Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris

When playing an interesting game like Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris, loading time matters the most. Every player wants short timing of the loading screen so it doesn’t spoil the interest. If display loading is slow, then Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris will make players wait longer. Frames per Second (FPS) should be higher when you are playing the game.

When optimization of the PC doesn’t work well, the screen of the game begins to move at 20-25FPS, which is quite low. This needs to be fixed if you want to make your gameplay better and your experience sweeter. However, the game could get even worse if loading doesn’t work well. When there’s loading everywhere on the screen, this becomes a frustrating moment while playing. Your actions and moment in-game become slow if the FPS is not working fine.

Included Examples:

  • Loading screen usually takes one minute or less, but sometimes it takes longer. While this happens, you might get notified about some error information or fail to connect on the loading screen.
  • It also happens when you are entering into a new level or any other different location.
  • It also happens when there’s a scene, dialogue, or cinematic in the game.
  • Also, when Kirito talks to his teammates and tells what he thinks.

These are the major incidents when players usually face the problem of slow loading or less FPS.

Fortunately, some tricks can help you in this situation to make the graphics smooth. In the graphics settings of the main menu, you need to turn 30FPS mode to make things smooth.

When you are playing a game on 4K and game recommend, you can play up to 40 FPS, so you need to fix yourself at 30 FPS in Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris. Well, this is something you need to do whether you don’t like it. This is because it will improve the speed of the loading screen. When you play on 30 FPS instead of 40, it will make a difference of approximately 10 that you will save.

However, if you are playing on 1080 or less resolution, you can easily play on 30 FPS. Even if you increase your frame rate in this resolution, it will work fine.

If you think your PC is slow to run any particular game and needs to speed up, there are some major things you need to focus on. Your PC can have great speed, and it will support every game if you use the latest software, drivers. So here are the things that can boost up your PC.

Upgrade the Graphics Drivers for FPS Boost

If you have a graphics card, you can easily run any game that is compatible with the graphics card. However, if you don’t update the software properly, the graphics card wouldn’t be able to show its full potential. Whether you are playing on PC or Desktop, the software needs to update. Keep your drivers that came along with a graphics card or your PC/Laptop updated. If you do it, you will experience a great boost while playing the games.

Boost the FPS with AVG PC TuneUP’s “Uninstaller” and “Program Deactivator”

If your Laptop or PC is getting slower every time you update, it has a direct impact on your games. With the new update, some programs get to add, and in the background, those programs continuously work. Even if you are not using the program, it will still be working. So if this kind of situation is there, then you need to use AVG to uninstall those programs that you don’t usually use. It will boost up your PC, and your games will work well. 

Upgrade to an SSD

Compared to HDD, SSD is way too fast, and if you are a gamer, it will help you. SSD doesn’t boost the game, but it reduces the loading time of the game. When you purchase an SSD, try to get at least 250 GB of SSD because this will work fine if you play games a lot. You can play a lot of interesting games if you use an SSD of 250 or above.

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