How to Beat Giovanni in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is one of the most greeted and successful video games based on Pokemon. Even though it has nearly beenfour years since its arrival yet, it is persisting in acquiring new gamers. The major credit goes to Nintendo for their perseverance in adding modern updates, events, and aspects. Recently, the game has received a new challenge known as the Elite Challenge that allows gamers to navigate to the whereabouts of Team Go Rocket.

Several players have already located their hideouts and thrash most of the executives of Team Go Rocket. However, gamers are facing intricacy when it comes to meeting Giovanni, boss of Team Go Rocket. Once players have succeeded in ambushing all the executives of Team Go Rocket, then they will be teleported to Giovanni hideout. Below we have provided a proper workaround that contains an appropriate strategy to beat Giovanni and its Pokemon’s.

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How to Beat Giovanni

Gamers first need to understand that Giovanni has numerous potent Pokemons; however, it is only used amongst five of them. Giovanni’s most commonly used Pokemons are PersianDugtrioGarchompNidoking, and Suicune. Below we have provided the best counters for each of them, here:


Gamers need to know that Suicune is vulnerable against Grass and Electric-type Pokemons, and here are the best counter Pokemons for it.

  • Mewtwo: Players need to use Thunderbolt and Psycho Cut.
  • Mew: Players need to use Wild Charge and Volt Switch.
  • Magnezone: Players need to use Wild Charge and Spark.
  • Raikou: Gamers need to use Volt Switch and Wild Charge.


Players need to know that Nidoking is vulnerable to WaterPsychicIce, and Ground-type Pokemon. Here are the best Pokemons to be used against Nidoking.

  • Excadrill: Gamers should execute its Rock Slide and Mud-Slap attack.
  • Kyogre: Players should execute its Surf and Waterfall attack.
  • Jirachi: Gamers should execute its Doom Desire and Confusion attack.
  • Empoleon: Players should execute their Hydro Cannon and Waterfall attack.


Garchomp is a dragon-ground type Pokemon and is vulnerable to IceFairy, and Dragon-type Pokemon. Below we have written the names and attacks of Pokemons that should be used against Garchomp.

  • Granbull: Players need to use their Play Rough and Charm move.
  • Gardevoir: Gamers need to use its Psychic and Charm move.
  • Articuno: Players need to use its Icy Wind and Ice Shard move.
  • Togekiss: Gamers need to use their Ancient Power and Charm move.


It is a ground-type Pokemon that is vulnerable to waterIce, and Grass-type Pokemon. Here are the best counter Pokemons that gamers should use against it.

  • Articuno: Gamers should use its Hurricane and Frost Breath move.
  • Torterra: Players should use its Aerial Ace and Razor Leaf move.
  • Tropius: Gamers should use its Frenzy Plant and Razor Leaf move.
  • Gyarados: Players should use its Dragon Pulse and Waterfall move.


Persian is one of the most ideally used Pokemon of Giovanni. Persian is a normal-type Pokemon that is vulnerable to fighting-type. Here are the best counter Pokemons that gamers should use against it.

  • Lucario: Players should use the Aura Sphere and Counter move of this Pokemon.
  • Conkeldurr: Players should use the Dynamic Punch and Counter move of this Pokemon.
  • Rhyperior: Players should use the Super Power and Mud-Slap move of this Pokemon.
  • Machamp: Players should use the Cross Chop and Counter move of this Pokemon.
  • Melmetal: Players should use the Super Power and ThunderShock move of this Pokemon.

Gamers can obtain the gaming experience of Pokemon Go on iOS and Android devices.

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