Moto G 5G Plus Review: Delivers Specs and Value

5G is the new entry in the new line-up of the Moto G. It will be the Moto’s cheapest 5G model amongst all the latest releases in the list of the budget phones. You can see it as the Moto G’s step-up model in terms of connectivity and other specs. 

If you see the camera of this phone, you might notice that the phone’s front side has dual-lens and the backside of the phone has four fabulous cameras. With this phone, you will get the large 6.7 inches screen with the 21:9 aspect ratio of the screen. Additionally, with this phone, there is a side-mounted fingerprint sensor along with the power button. 

The Moto G 5G plus is one of the significant phones in the whole line-up of the Moto G smartphone with some brilliant specifications. 

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Price And Availability Of Moto G 5G Plus 

It is already officially declared in Europe and the United Kingdom, but Motorola is not in the state of commenting on the availability of this phone in other countries. So, there are chances that Motorola might release the new release date. If you are in the United Kingdom or Europe, then you can get it. 

There are two variants available in the market. One is with the 64GB storage and 4GB RAM, and the other is the 128GB storage and 6 GB. The second version is $60 cheaper than the first one. 

It is one of the cheapest phones available in the UK, and even it is less expensive than the Huawei P40 Lite. 

What About The Design and Screen Of Moto G 5G Plus?

The design of this phone might be similar to Moto G8. The only change you might find that there is no fingerprint scanner. Instead of the vertical camera bump, there is a rear-mounted sensor. 

That sensor is the perfect combo of the fingerprint detector and the power button, which was the part of the Honor 20 phone. When you press the power button, the phone scans your thumb and gives you access to the phone. 

You will find a dedicated Google Assistant button on the edges of the phone, which is now unavailable in most smartphones. At the bottom, there is a USB-C port with a 3.5mm headphone jack that allows you to join wireless headphones. 

If you compare this phone with the same spec’s smartphones, you will see that it is a bigger-sized phone and people who don’t like big phones might not love to buy this phone. There are no 5G phones in the range, but there are some 4G phones, however if you have an option for 5G at the same price, then why should you go for the 4G smartphone. 

The phone’s big size might be an issue, but with this big-screen, you will get the 21:9 aspect ratio along with the maximum refresh rate, which enhances the quality of the display. The bigger display might help you to stream the content more precisely. 

Cameras And Battery Life Of The Moto G 5G Plus 

The phone has six cameras, which is a high number for an affordable smartphone. On the backside, you might find that there are four cameras (8MP ultra-wide, 48MP primary, 5MP macro, and 2 MP depth sensor camera). On the front side, there are two cameras i.e., 16MP and 8MP, that can produce ultimate group selfies. 

The testing also reveals that the selfie camera produces better quality images and different settings are available that can help you to capture solo or wide-angle photos. You can use this feature as per your requirement. 

The front primary camera produces somewhat pale images, and the possible reason is that Moto hasn’t made any image stabilization or optimization tool. But you can’t deny the fact that it has excellent depth of the field, 8X digital zoom, and produces a unique detailed picture. 

Some features are added for the first time in their phones. One of the crucial aspects of the phone is the smart composition of the images that helps you choose the better snap. 

As per the battery part is concerned, it offers 5,000mAh battery life, which you will find in most of the camera phones. It will give you full-day use in the single charge, or more if you use the battery saver option. 

There is a 20-watt charger that you will get with this model. It is not a fast charger but can charge your phone at a decent speed.  

Moto G 5G Plus On The Grounds Of Performance 

It has the 765G Snapdragon chipset, which is a surprising element in this budget phone. The processor helps you to use your phone more fluently. Both the variants (4GB & 6GB RAM) work well. 

As the name suggests, it is 5G compatible, making this phone the most inexpensive 5G smartphones that you can buy right now. Purchasing this smartphone might prove a great deal for you as you will get a 5G smartphone that too, in the range of 4G flagship smartphone. 

Verdict Of Moto G 5G Plus 

Undoubtedly, it is better than the average Moto G series phone. The phone offers much screen to those who love to stream movies or play games on their phones. There is room for improvement for the camera, but it still proves a valuable asset in this price range.

If you want to buy a 5G cell phone, but do not have many bucks in your pocket, you can choose Moto G 5G plus. There are higher chances that Moto will launch another affordable version.

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