How Use the Shortcuts App to Create and Manage Folders in iOS 14

Shortcuts are quite handy for using back tap features, or accessing apps, or interpreting web pages, or pulling out ZIP files. The Shortcuts app on iPhone devices comes with lots of features, crafted to improve the mechanization of iOS. Though the app is quite good in its functioning, there is no tool to manage the shortcuts. However, iOS 14 has altered the scenario, which now allows you to create folders in order to organize the shortcuts in your iPhone. If you are an iOS 14 user and you do not know how to use this feature, then don’t worry. We will not let you miss out on this! Read on to find out how.

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Managing Folders

The Shortcuts app on your iPhone comes with three default folders— All Shortcuts, Apple Watch, and Share Sheet, which makes sure all the basic functions can be easily accessed. However, it might happen that you want to grab a better grip on your shortcuts. In that case, you can make your own shortcut folders as well. The iOS 14 comes with customization options like delete, move, and duplicate tools with which you can create and manage shortcut folders very easily.

Using Default Shortcut Folders

1. Go to the Shortcuts app on the iPhone and click the back button from the top left corner of the screen.

2. Now a screen will appear with three folders:

• All Shortcuts: All the shortcuts appear here.

• Share Sheet: It shows only those shortcuts you chose to add.

• Apple Watch: It shows Apple Watch shortcuts

Creating Own Shortcut Folders

1. In your iPhone’s Shortcut app, find the back button at the top of the screen and press it.

2. Hover to the right corner on the top of your screen and select the folder icon.

3. Now name your folder and put an icon you like from the given options. There are three options from which you can make a choice— Symbols, People, and Objects. Finally, click Add.

Editing Shortcuts Folder

1. Start the Shortcuts app and click on the back button at the top.

2. Now click on the Edit option from the top of the screen on the left side and edit your folder.

Rearranging Folders

For rearranging your existing Shortcuts folder, click on the three horizontal lines that appear in front of every folder. Now press and drag the folders to arrange them as per your choice.

Deleting Folders

For deleting a Shortcuts folder on your iPhone, click on the red-colored button that appears on the left to the folder’s name. Now you will be given two options— deleting only the folder or deleting the folder along with the shortcuts. Press Delete (Folder name), to delete the shortcuts. Otherwise, click on Keep (Name of the folder) to keep the shortcuts.

Other Customizations

There are tools that let you copy a folder, delete them, or move the shortcuts across the folders. To use these tools, go to any folder and click the select button. Now select the shortcuts you want to delete, move, or create a duplicate of. Then, the choices to do so will appear. Select the one you want to do and move ahead with it.

This way users can handle the Shortcuts folders on their iPhones or iPads. If you want everything near your reach while you are working or doing anything, then we are sure you would like this feature and use it very promptly. Shortcuts make life easier and make your phone look organized as well.

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