Things to Remember Before Purchasing Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch has grabbed a lot of eyes, ever since its release. It is a hybrid gaming console that has taken the market by storm. This gaming console enables the users to play wirelessly as well, unlike the company’s previous gaming consoles. In this article, we will clear out all the points that you should remember before purchasing the Nintendo Switch gaming console, and we will help you realize if it is worth your investment or not.

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Nintendo Switch has a 6.2-inch LCD screen that provides 1920 X 1080 resolution docked, and 1280 X 720 resolution undocked. It uses custom made Nvidia Tegra CPU and offers 32GB onboard storage, and the operating system consumes 4GB of that storage. The package comes along with a Joy-Con controller, HDMI cable, Joy-Con grip, Nintendo Switch dock, AC adaptor, and of course, a Nintendo Switch console. These were the specifications of the products.

Now, let’s analyze if its features are good enough for purchase or not.


Like any other gaming console, Nintendo Switch also uses internet connection to stay up to date and download all the latest games and contents for you. If you get their online subscription services, you will get to unlock next level multiple features that will also allow you to connect with friends, play with them, and chat online while gaming. Not having a subscription plan will not interrupt your gaming services and experience. The subscription plans can cost between $4 to $20.


If you choose a subscription plan, the best part about it will be that you will get to play online multiplayer games. However, you can play Fortnite and Overwatch with your friends without having an online subscription plan. You can still play a lot of co-op games without paying any monthly fee or subscribing to their plans. All the multiplayer games are available for free so that you can play with anyone, but both the players have to be at the same place, and both of them must use the same network connection.

Battery Life

The Nintendo Switch console is available in two variations, i.e., XAW HAC-001 and XKW HAC-001(-01), and these variations offer different battery sizes. The battery life of the original version (XAW HAC-001) can last up to 6 hours on a single battery recharge. While the updated version {XKW HAC-001(-01)} offers up to 9 hours of sleep time on a single battery recharge. Not just that, the updated version also offers better battery efficiency as it uses the latest version of system-on-chip and upgraded memory.

Software Update

Nintendo Switch comes after the regular updates, within the span of 1 or 3 months. You don’t have much role to play in the software updates. You can set the updates on auto-downloading, and all you have to do is restart your device after the update is completely installed. And if you are not a fan of auto-updates, then you can tweak the settings manually by going to the console’s Settings page. Then select Systems and switch off the Auto-Update Software. But we would recommend you not to switch off the auto-updates as it will maintain stability in your device and add new features.

This device was launched three years ago, but it still offers a robust system. It will prove to be an excellent option for all travelers and will keep people of all ages entertained. And, this console is cheaper than the PS4 Pro and Xbox.

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