Having a Hard Time with Time Management? These Apps Can Help

Time management is a skill that requires years of persistent effort and rock-solid determination. This skill holds so much importance in one’s life that people enroll for specific courses that will help them with time management.

Inadequate time management skills can result in unproductive habits that can be damaging in your life in the long run. People are often unable to manage time because of the high amount of work. They end up thinking about which work to do first, which results in a lot of time wastage.

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Procrastination is another obstacle in achieving your time management goals. It is one of those destructive habits that can create long term damage like anxiety, inefficient work, missed deadlines etc. To control your time better, you can take help of the below mentioned mobile apps:


Toggl is a simple yet powerful time tracking app. It has features like hassle-free time tracking with reminders and idle detection. It allows you to sync your time tracking data between phone and desktop apps. One of its amazing features is it will let you know which project to work on first and you can also export any report in your desired format. You can also add their Chrome extension for ease.

This is your one-stop app if you are running a team of professionals and handling multiple projects at a time. It has three plans with a trial option to suit everyone’s needs.


Workflow is a personalized application that allows you to combine and collect the different workflows into one app. You can add reminders like Speed Dial, Note to Self, Caffeine Reminder, and much more. It has a simple drag and drop interface to build your workflow. You can create shortcuts by combining different actions.

You can even complete your tasks with the help of your Apple Smart Watch.


Shift streamline your accounts, applications, and workflow on your desktop. There is no need to shift from one tab to another and take another hassle of repetitive login and logouts. Shift helps you in managing your tasks better. You can access multiple mail accounts with ease. Shift also allows you to connect your apps and extensions. You can also bookmark your essential tabs.

Shift has a free trial version. If this app helps you in managing your work better, you can also upgrade to their pro version.


RescueTime tells you where you are spending your time. It automates the time tracking and blocks the distractions. To keep track, RescueTime will also give timely reports and tools to make better changes every day.

You can also enroll for their productivity challenge, which is a four-week masterclass to become more productive. In this masterclass, you will have access to the secrets of highly productive people and learn to grow powerful habits.

RescueTime will help you in managing your team better with the help of efficient time management tools and training resources for your organization. Currently, RescueTime is used by over two million users to improve their productivity.


Timely helps you with accurate time tracking. It records your every activity and tells you how you spent your day. Their AI interface drafts an accurate report of your daily timeline. Timely provides a real-time dashboard for your team to keep track of their efficiency and review their working hours.

Timely is a highly secure app with no ads, and it also doesn’t let you take screenshots.  Timely is available on both iOS and Android.

Nothing is more precious than time. Being able to manage your time makes your life much more relaxed and productive. With these apps, you can manage your time better and start your journey to become a more productive and efficient person.

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