Avengers: Endgame’s Alternate End Fan Art Depicts Black Widow Doing the Snap

The complete Infinity Saga of Marvel’s avengers came to a bittersweet end in 2019. The movie saw all the remaining heroes do everything in their powers to undo the effects of Thanos’s (played by the talented Josh Brolin) snap from the movie Avengers: Infinity War. The final installment of the saga, Avengers: Endgame, was a monumental hit after earning around 2.7 billion US dollars worldwide. Every fan in every corner of every country rejoiced when the heroes were successful in their efforts and defeated Thanos. But everyone was aware that no matter what, not all the superheroes will survive that dreadful battle. And that is precisely what happened. Natasha was the first one to die. She surrendered her life on Vormir to see to it that Clint Barton (played by Jeremy Renner) gets the Soul Stone.

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She wanted him to see his family again, and hence he could not have made the sacrifice. The news of her death agonized the entire team, but they did not have ample time to mourn the loss because the much-awaited final battle commenced soon after. At this point, Tony stepped forward to make his sacrifice. The Iron Man put all the Infinity Stones in a self-made gauntlet and snapped to reverse the effect of the previous snap. It was a sad but satisfactory ending to the story, but that did not limit fans’ imagination. They kept considering possibilities that could have been true if they could shift some aspects of the movie a little.

One such idea came to light when the internet saw Camille Vialet put up a poster of Natasha on the internet. The poster suggests that Natasha never died in the initial stage of the movie but instead, was the one who snapped. This poster meant to convey that although Natasha’s death got overshadowed because of the constant chaos, her loss was as brutal and vital. Tony could not have done what he did if Natasha never died and thus helped the Avengers. The way writers dealt with Natasha’s death was not very well-liked by the fans; she never got a funeral as grand as Tony’s, despite being the only original female Avenger.

‘Black Widow’ movie is prepared to release this year, and Natasha will finally be on the screen alone, doing her thing. Director of the film expressed her opinion that Natasha would not have preferred to get a funeral in the movie Endgame. The movie intends to give the audience and fans a more profound knowledge of Black Widow’s character. The people were already impatient for the release of the film but now they will have to wait for even more as the pandemic shifted the movie’s release from May to November 2020. Let us hope the movie does not get pushed further because of any unforeseen circumstances.

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