Friends: Best and Worst Traits of Joey Tribbiani

Friends is one of the most loved and popular shows of all time. The show is about six friends, Monica, Rachel, Chandler, Joey, Phoebe, and Ross. It was an American sitcom TV series, created by David Crane and Marta Kauffman. The first season of Friends was released in 1994, and it became popular as soon as it aired.

Although the character Joey Tribbiani was one of the big reasons for our laughter, he was goofy, dumb, funny, and caring all in the one. Actor Matt LeBlanc who played the character of Joey, was the perfect performer for the role. He brilliantly gave Joey’s character life and made it so believable for us.

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So if you are also a Friends fan, and have closely followed all the characters and the show, we have something interesting for you. In this article, we will discuss some of the best and worst traits of one of our favorite characters, Joey Tribbiani. We will think back to all this character’s interests, like, dislike, weakness, and strengths and get to know the character even closer. So let’s rediscover.

He was a Sweetheart

Joey was lovely. Although all the characters were sweet and genuinely cared for one another, Joey was the nicest among them all. He had this macho persona and friendly nature. And the fact that underneath this cool guy, there was the sweetest heart.

When he got to know that Rachel was afraid of being a single mother, he supported her and cared for her. And every time Phoebe needed him, he was always there.


He was the actor in the group. The show was based on New Yorkers, who are busy with their work, relationships, and friends. Joey was trying to become a successful actor. And like any other profession, he too faced some high, low, and embarrassing moments. But Joey never stopped working for it. And he also played the famous Dr Drake Ramoray on Days Of Our Lives. He had some odd jobs in the show, but his only career goal was to be a successful and famous star.


Joey was also famous for his charm. He was a funny and attractive guy who always had a way with ladies. Although his style could be a little cheesy, he had charisma.


Joey was also very compassionate. He cared about his friends and always supported them whenever they needed him. Joey was very outgoing and extroverted. In the show, whenever the main characters went through some ups and downs, Joey listened to them.

Didn’t always treat women well

Joey got involved with quite a lot of women, but he did not treat them well. In most cases, he would ghost them or leave them hanging and never call them back. For someone so kind and sensitive, it was not cool to see him treat women this way.

Did not take negative feedback well

Joey was a happy-go-lucky kind of person in his personal and professional life. But he did not take criticism or confrontation well. Notably, he was not great with negative feedback regarding his acting.


Joey was a bit naive and not the brightest bulb. He really had a lot of childish and dumb moments. When Rachel invited Phoebe and Joey to her office party, Joey bought a big cruise, not knowing he had to pay for it.


Joey was super close to Chandler, and he was an incredible friend too. But he was also immature, which made him a little needy. For example, Joey did not like the idea that Chandler was moving in with Monica and would no longer be his roommate. Despite all his negative traits such as immaturity and ignorance, Joey was one of the best characters on Friends.

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