Everything to Know About Mac Mini 2020

The Mac mini saw its last significant update two years ago and Apple stated it to be the “biggest update ever”. It definitely was a major update that was rolled out after a gap of four years.  This year, Apple updated the device again. Now, Mac mini 2020 is finally here.

Unfortunately, the Mac Mini 2020 doesn’t have any significant and necessary updates. Apple is launching this product with some minor updates, but fans expect more as they have been waiting for it for a long time. 

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You might find that the Mac Mini 2020 is similar to the 2018 version of the Mac Mini. It has the 8th generation Intel Core processor with the UHD 630 Integrated Graphics Card, which is not an advanced processor. If you see other latest products in the market, you will find that those products have the 10th generation processor and the Iris Plus Graphics 64.  

This unavailability of the updated feature in the Mac Mini 2020 proves that it is internally aged. If you want to buy this product, then you have to understand that you are just going to pay the amount for doubling the memory. If you have already planned to buy this Mac Mini, you will get a lot of SSD storage. But always keep in mind that you will not get any new processor with this Mac, so choose wisely. 

What Is The Price Of Mac Mini 2020?

The company offers two base configurations of the Mac Mini 2020, with the price tag of $799 and $1,099. The significant difference in both the configurations is the processor. The cheaper one comes with the i3 Intel core processor, and the expensive one comes with the Intel core i5 processor. Besides, the expensive base model offers 512GB SSD storage (256GB already used by the device). Even with this price, Mac Mini is one of the cheapest Macs in the Market.

Specs Of Mac Mini 2020

In terms of specs, it is slightly similar to the 2018 Mac Mini. As both the devices offer 64GB RAM along with the 8th generation Intel Coffee Lake processor. The only difference is the bigger SSD storage. Apple is offering 256GB to 2TB SSD storage for the updated mode.

With the 2018 Mac Mini, Apple offered only 128GB SSD storage, which is now unacceptable in most of the PCs and laptops. 

If you get the base model, you can increase the RAM as per your need. After buying it you will not have any complaints regarding the device’s SSD storage and performance.

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