Director Matthew Vaugh Confirms ‘The King’s Man’ Sets up ‘Kingsman 3’

Director Matthew Vaughn has announced the third installment of The King’s Man franchise. The film is a prequel and based on the comic book series, Kingsman. Dave Gibbons and Mark Millar created the comic book, and Marvel’s Icon Comics imprint published it. The Kingsman franchise ruled the big screen in 2015 with the movie titled The Secret Service. The film was an explosive spy flick, and it won the hearts of audiences with its fantastic action sequence and raunchy humor. The Secret Service was a major hit, grossing $414.3 million worldwide. The next movie of the franchise came in 2017. It was a sequel named The Golden Circle. However, it did not perform as well as the first one did. Now the franchise will bring the prequel series, with the still-untitled Kingsman 3 presently in development.

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In this movie, the Kingsman world is going back in time. It will serve as the origin story of the spy organization, and it will be set in World War I. The movie has a great cast that includes Ralph Fiennes, Harris Dickinson, Gemma Arterton, Djimon Hounsou, Charles Dance, Matthew Goode, Stanley Tucci, and Tom Hollander. Originally it was scheduled for February of this year. But later Disney and Fox opted to move The King’s Man to September. There are chances the pandemic could delay it again.

Director Vaughn sat down with the team to discuss the future of The King’s Man franchise. While he could not tell much about Kingsman 3, he revealed that the prequel would set up Kingsman 3. He added it is going to be different. It indicates the franchise is getting serious about building the world. The prequel will have severe ties to the present story. It will be exciting to see what the Kingsman 3 will serve, especially since the more substantial part of the project remains a mystery. In October 2019, Taron Egerton revealed that a script has already been written. He said that Kingsman 3 would conclude the relationship between Harry Hart and Egerton’s Eggsy.

The King’s Man will take the franchise back to its origin, as it seems to tell an authentic, down to earth story. The World War I setting is intriguing and promises some serious Kingsman 3 set up, which is making it even more exciting. Right now, it is a question whether The King’s Man will be able to get released in September. As of now, it is just exciting to think that the world’s most excellent spies will arrive in just over a month.

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