Boruto: The Terrifying Fate of the Rain Village

Amegakure, the rain village used to be an industrialized village located somewhere between the three of the five Shinbo countries. The cantankerous Ame ninjas were often employed for assassination missions, an in-demand expertise, which was highly valued. As the name suggests, it rained cats and dogs in Amegakure. All the water from the rain ended up in a lake.

The village, because of its geopolitical location, was a site of many wars, which led to a huge refugee crisis. Most of the people residing in it were refugees. The political conditions led to the adoption of xenophobic anti-immigration policies. The people who visited were put through constant surveillance.

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Hanzo was the leader of the Amegakure for a long time. Although paranoid, Hanzo was undoubtedly extremely powerful and fought in the second shinobi world war. But his reign after the end of the war came in trouble as a rebel group rose to dethrone him. Under the leadership of Pain, the rebels were determined to free the village. Pain went on to kill Hanzo, becoming the leader of the Ames. He made sure none of the people associated with Hanzo were left and killed off everyone even remotely close to him.

Pain went on to pledge his allegiance to Naruto’s ambitions of peace before he died in Konoha. After Naruto and Sasuke put an end to Akatsuki and others. Years later, it is shown that only ruins of the Rain Village are left and Kara has been using it as his base for conducting all sorts of scientific experiments there.

The alliance left the River village to fend for itself when it was struggling, which goes on to prove that the alliance was never really interested in the advancement of the village. They could have saved it and protected it from all the existential threats it had. But they seem to have an amoral stance on its worsening conditions. What’s more shocking is someone like Naruto too who prided himself in rebuilding societies never gave Amegakure its share of attention and help.

The fate of Amegakure had always been dark with Hanzo first turning into a place where all sorts of shady business happened. Followed by Pain who used it as a base to fulfil his aspirations. Even as all of this happens there, no one came to its aid.

Jiraiya was killed in Amegakure by Akatsuki. Maybe even this reason was not enough for Naruto to take some proactive action to help Amegakure. The total abandonment led many of Jiraiya’s students to start a clash with the Konoha’s Danzo. As an aftermath of desertion by the alliance, the village city is now overrun by vermins and has become a base for Kara’s twisted experiments like genetic tempering etc.

The abandonment of Amegakure is shocking. The beautiful village that it once was, is a distant memory now. What remains makes for a very depressing sight. Will there be a re-emergence of Amegakure? Or is it the end of it? It doesn’t seem likely that the Rain village will ever be able to get back to its lost glory. All we can is do is hope that it does.

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