Cursed: After a Cliffhanger Ending, Fans Demand Season 2

Cursed is a web television series, based on a novel written by Frank Miller and Tom Wheeler. Starring Katherine Langford, it has introduced us to a world of mighty kingdoms and subjugated magical people, with Nimue (Katherine Langford) using her crucial Sword of Power to wage war against the rabid Paladins. The show has been a huge hit ever since its release and has garnered fans all over the world.

As the show ended on a cliffhanger with Nimue being injured, fans were left with many questions unanswered. Is Nimue dead? Will the Sword of Power be called Excalibur? Why did the Sword choose Nimue? Is Nimue immortal?  Fans will be desperate to see more. But will there be a season two? And when will it be released? The fans are dying to know and just can’t wait for season two.

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But Will There Be a Season two?

According to some recent interviews, Cursed co-creator Frank Miller has dropped some hints that season two is already being planned. Moreover, the actors were more than eager to start working again on the show.

The fans in the meantime are making up their own theories about what could happen and are eager for official announcements of the season two release date. If present world situations are anything to go by, they might have to wait at least a year if not more, as shoot delays have become the norm these days.
When Will Season 2 Be Released?

As it is obvious from the recent world events, expecting a release soon will be too much to ask for. As there has been no sequel to the novel yet, the show won’t have anything to draw inspiration from. But it won’t be shocking if the book and the show are released simultaneously.

What is beyond doubt about the release dates so far is that the large number of hurdles the show has to face would delay it probably for more than one year. But these are speculations.
But no matter when season two is released, what is certain is that the show is destined to succeed. The season one itself has been a huge success, as it has remained the top 10 most-watched Netflix shows ever since its release. The Australian actress, Katherine Langford had already tasted fame with her much successful show Thirteen Reason Why? which had a controversial end early this year.

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