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Website builders play an essential role in creating websites for business purposes, small shops, and for domestic purposes as well. They make it easy and effortless for everyone who needs to create a website for their personal or professional use. They have several templates and other required material for the creation of a website. They simply copy and paste the content to save time for both the parties involved. There are six most popular tools to create a website. Let us discuss them all.


Squarespace is one of the best and most popular website builders. This tool is very convenient and easy to understand if someone belongs from a non-tech background. Squarespace allows you to create a website by using its pre-saved templates, so it makes the task easy for you.


Wix is one of the website building tools and it allows users to create a website which is Wix branded and for free. It works on the drag-and-drop method to create a website. It provides a free sign up for an account before you start building your site. The AI of this tool is very user friendly and allows you to pick a template of your choice by answering a few questions.

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Strikingly is a recently founded website building tool and is ideal for creating simple and basic websites. After free sign up, it allows you to access its features and a lot of pre-saved templates to select one of your own choices and helps you to create a website with on-screen instructions. Its unique feature is that it gives you suggestions to add elements to your template.


Weebly is also a website creation tool that plays a vital role in the creation of heavy as well as simple websites. Most commonly, Weebly is used to create websites for e-commerce stores. Like all other website-creating tools, it also allows users to create a website by signing up for free. The best feature of this tool is it provides an option to edit and preview already existing content on the template. After your free trial period expires, it charges $5 per month for the subscription.


Shopify allows you to create only e-commerce websites, unlike the other tools which also allows a user to create any sort of website. As it is only focused on big websites, it takes a long time to create a website using Shopify as compared to other website building tools. It includes many templates that are only used for business purposes. Its AI is complicated in comparison to other tools as it does not allow users to click on the text to edit it.

SiteBuilder SiteBuilder is one of the cheapest website builder tools available in the market. Similar to all other tools, it also needs a free sign up to continue further in the process of website creation. It also offers built-in templates as like other website creators. After choosing a template, it will allow you to edit it further by using SiteBuilder’s easy editor. By dragging the available content, you may be able to finish your task.

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