Some of The Best Ever Fantastic Four Stories

The initial release of the Marvel Universe dates back to the late 60s, which came up as the first edition of The Fantastic Four. The creators, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby gave birth to some of the most beautiful creatures of all time. Even until now, these timeless classics have a global fandom. Today, let’s count some of the best Fantastic Four stories of all time.

The Peril and the Power (Fantastic Four Vol. 1 #57-60)

Most of the Stan Lee/Jack Kirby stories generally focus on the reasonable, the extraordinary, and of course, the fantastic. But we also need to appreciate the high-octane thriller created by Marvel’s first architects. This is what the creators provide in this four-part fiction. In this Doom, with the help of a device steals the Power Cosmic that belongs to the Silver Surfer.


It evolves into a globetrotting adventure that features the Inhumans, along with some more Fantastic Four personalities as Doom flits about causing widespread destruction at the height of his power. Components such as theatrical action, rhetorical sci-fi concepts, and abundance of Kirarmouredkle makes it the most gripping story.

Fantastic Faux (FF Vol. 2 #1-16)

As a part of Jonathan Hickman’s long-run FF series, writer Matt Fraction assumed possession of both the mail title and the Fantastic Four. Fraction, in his tale, takes the Fantastic Four on a voyage into time and space and welcomes an alternative squad along with Mike Allred.

In the new team, there is Ant-Man, and Medusa, along with She-Hulk, and Ms.Thing. They are made in charge of the association of advanced science students by Future Foundation.

1234 (1234 #1-4)

Grant Morrison, who is known for his massive reality-stretching ideas, takes on the Fantastic Four. The limited series 1234, starring Jae Lee, is not disappointing. What sets 1234 apart is that it arrives at a huge super-science conclusion through a series of personal descriptions. As the numerous events that evolve through the story are disclosed, 1234 unfolds into a tale about two of the brightest minds in the Marvel stories; one is Reed Richards while the other one is Victor Von Doom who fights against a test of will and judgment.

Three (Fantastic Four Vol. 1 #583-588)

Although there are a ton of treasures in Hickman’s FF, arguably, the most fantastic tale in his run is ‘Three’ featuring Steve Epting. The last chapter showcases Johnny and Ben Grimm’s battle to fend off the attack initiated by the Negative Zone. And just when the fighters were going to conquer the Annihilation Wave, Hickman arrives, and Ben relapses to human body form, using a sort of tonic.

For decades, the Marvel Series has continued to entertain us. It has marked itself as the biggest hit of all time when it comes to the super-hero action franchise. Lee and Kirby will always be remembered for their fantastic contribution to the mesmerizing Marvel Universe.

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