Spider-Man: Far From Home Set Up an Uncertain MCU Phase 4 – for the Better

Spider-Man: Far From Home is a superhero film of the Marvel Cinematic Universe based on the Marvel comics. It is directed by Jon Watts and released in 2019. This film was a blockbuster and a sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming. The famous Hollywood actor Tom Holland is playing the role of Peter Parker/Spider-Man in this film.

The story of the movie tells us that Peter Parker is a senior high-school student. He is also a part of the team Avengers. Peter is known as Spider-Man because of his spider-like capabilities. He felt these abilities after being bitten by a radioactive spider. Peter has the ability to create or throw a web, crawl on the walls, and can swing in the air with the help of his rope-like web. In this film, Peter wants to get rid of his Spider-Man life and get his normal teenage life back, but soon he realizes that it is impossible for him.

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The film, Spider-Man: Far From Home was released in July 2019 and marked the end of Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This film played a vital role in showing the purpose of planning of Phase 4 and the aftermath of Phase 3 and did all for the better. This film was able to show the aftermath of the events that took place in the film, Avengers: Endgame. In the starting of the film, the world after the Snap has been shown to the people along with the impact of the Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame.

There are a number of Iron Man memorials shown in the film, Spider-Man: Far From Home. It displayed the love and special space in the hearts of fans for the Iron Man/Tony Stark. The motive of Mysterio was also depicted very clearly in the film. The best part of the movie is not only the effects of Endgame but also the depiction of the entire events of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

At the end of the film, Far From Home, the identity and the false impression of Spider-Man was left on the people that he is not a hero but a villain. Mysterio did this with the help of a tape he had with him. This has made people more curious to know the reality of this questionable identity of Spider-Man. In this way, Spider-Man: Far From Home has played an excellent role in setting up an uncertain Phase 4 for the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Spider-Man as well.

The film, Avengers: Endgame does not have much to tell about the tale of the upcoming Phase of the MCU. Therefore, there is nothing new expected to be set up by the Endgame. On the other hand, the film Far From Home ended with open-ended questions, which are yet to be answered. The new and unique thing in this film is the uncertainty of the upcoming story. The narrator has not cleared his intentions yet and which has made the audience curious to know what will happen in Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In this way, Spider-Man: Far From Home has left many questions unanswered. There can be a possibility of a new villain, a new face to the MCU, and more. Now, we can conclude from the above open-ended questions that Spider-Man: Far From Home is the perfect movie which can set up an uncertain MCU Phase 4 and also for the better.

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