The Future of Microsoft Office 365 Apps

The Microsoft 365 apps are undergoing a redesign, and the company has recently provided a look into the future layout changes and what they’ll offer to the users.

The teaser released by Microsoft provided a look into its upcoming 365 apps along with some of the new features that’ll be available to the users. With remote work culture gaining popularity amidst the shadow of the pandemic, Microsoft is all set to welcome a future where a large number of people will rely on the Office applications following the trend of remote work culture.

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In April, Microsoft released a Remote Work Trend Report. The report was gathered by examining the global usage of Microsoft Office apps during the initial stage of the worldwide lockdown. This report indicated that people continued to work from home even after the lockdown was lifted. Meanwhile, Microsoft has been working on developing its Office 365 features with the help of regular updates and launching additional features. This was done in order to keep up the pace with the competitors. It has been three years since Microsoft has been working to integrate its Office utility apps under the umbrella of Office 365 Apps, this also consists of the arrival of several developments to the UI, for making it a smoother experience to the users. Today several companies rely on Office apps. Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Teams, are some widely used applications for carrying out day-to-day office work.

Due to this reason, the future of Microsoft 365 excites many stakeholders. Microsoft has now teased about some more developments. Microsoft Office’s design head, Jon Friedman, in a Medium post, describes how the designers aim to make the UI minimalistic. The changes, however, span beyond the look of the apps; and also comprise a bunch of features to improve functionality and smoothness.

Features to Expect from Future Microsoft 365

As of now, Microsoft 365 UI makes use of a ribbon toolbar that contains most of the commands. The new version will feature commands contained in a flexible ribbon that’ll only feature commands when needed, depending on the type of work that is being done. It’ll also feature fading brand colours for the app headers.

Also, the company’s Teams communication app is set to become more versatile. Users can now benefit from the features of PowerPoint, Planner, and Whiteboard. Project Cortex and Cortana, will now also leverage AI to provide greater utility. The new ecosystem will come paired with a Family-Safety App for monitoring and controlling the screen-time across devices along with filtering undesirable content and encouraging “healthy digital habits.” Friedman adds that the team aims to provide a better and consistent experience across all the platforms. All this is made possible by leveraging Microsoft’s Fluid Framework Technology, which was launched last year at the Build conference.

Microsoft surely promises a progressive future with it’s Office 365 ecosystem. With the work-from-home culture gaining momentum, it seems obvious that the company will continue to enjoy its dominance over office utility applications in the long run.

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