10 Best Mobile Analytics Tools in 2020

Mobile Analytic tools analyze mobile and web applications and provide data from a variety of platforms and apps. They provide insights into the performance of the app. These analytics help developers to know more about user interaction and how they can improve it. To know about mobile application analytic tools, read on.

Types of Mobile Analytics Tools

There are multiple mobile analytic tools available in the market but with different objectives. Some devices are marketing oriented and provide analytics about engagement. With the help of this data, you can decide on product placement as per audience division.

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With the help of these analytics, you can know about user behavior with your mobile and web application. You can also check the efficiency of your marketing campaigns with the help of these analytic tools.

Top Mobile Analytics Tools

For your reference, we are listing some of the best mobile analytic tools:

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is known as the best tool for web analytics. Despite being a free product, it provides some beneficial Analytics. You can try their paid version if you want to use the premium features.

AT Internet

AT Internet has been ruling the European market for almost two decades. This tool provides some actionable insights like how is your digital performance or segmentation of your audience.


Smartlook has helped over 250000 businesses until now. This tool will help you understand user behavior and help you with better decision making.

Quantum Metric

Quantum Metric helps businesses to grow digitally by building better digital products. They have a Continuous Product Design Platform, which allows companies to create a fast and reliable product for better customer experience.


Segment help businesses to develop cost-saving strategies. This tool has helped some big industry names like Tradesy, TIME Inc., PayPal, and more.


Woopra can help you with real-time analytics. This tool tracks users from different platforms like websites, mobile applications, etc. and provides an individual user behavior pattern which can be an excellent insight for product placements and sales.

SAP Roambi

This is a cloud-based tool that captures insights on mobile data usage. SAP Roambi also converts this data into interactive visuals for better understanding.


Marchex provides insights on online user behavior profiles. Marchex gives you a 360-degree approach by connecting significant touchpoints in the user journey.

Firebase Crashlytics

This tool will help the user to know about the line of code where their app crashed. These insights can improve the performance of the app, and it can lead to better user experience.

Netcore Smartech

Netcore Smartech is an AI-driven tool that helps brands to analyze consumer behavior and improve their rate of conversion across different platforms. It is a single tool to keep track of analytics and engagement.

These Mobile Analytics tools can help a diverse range of businesses to take corrective measures. Few of them are dedicated specifically for a single factor like engagement, real-time data, or conversions.

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