Sony PS5 to Arrive on November 12 and Will Cost 400 USD

For several months we have been hearing that we will soon have the Sony PS5. However, it is odd that we didn’t get an accurate launch date. Now Sony has announced that it will start shipping its new consoles from November 12. Not only that, but the company also confirmed the price of the new PS5 which is 500USD. Gladly, the disc-free Digital version will be available at 400USD. These both variants will distribute from November 12 in the United States. According to reports, the console will ship to other regions from November 19. This confirms that the official global release date for PS5 is November 19 2020.

Sony PS5


Last weekend, someone leaked little information regarding the upcoming Xbox Series. After that phenomenon, Microsoft eventually declared a price as well as release date regarding its Xbox Series S and Series X. The company will release these products on November 10, and they will cost $300 and $500 respectively. You can preorder these consoles from September 22 onwards.

The fact that Microsoft’s least price model is only 100 USD less when compared to the PS5 Digital Edition, it might make you wonder. However, the Xbox’s Digital Edition is estimated to be almost the same as the PS5 except for the disc drive. Keep in mind that Microsoft Series S will be inferior to Series X in the power aspect.

Similar to the newest Xbox consoles, the latest PlayStation will run on RDNA 2 GPU architectures and custom AMD Zen 2 CPU. The latest PS5 will offer up to 4K resolution, whereas Xbox might support up to 8K resolution which is insane. While Microsoft is trying to offer better resolution, Sony is putting efforts to enhance the loading speed by installing a much-covered SSD into its latest consoles. Not only that, but it is trying to make a few exceptional haptic experiences for its new gaming machines.

In a recent broadcast, Sony illustrated an extensive sequence of its latest Spider-Man: Miles Morales. By doing so, they were trying to emphasize the unseen aspect of their new technology known as Ray Tracing. With this innovation, you will see lights reflecting physically off Spider-Man’s suit as well as the wet roads. Keep in mind that the character’s light reflections mostly felt while it was in the water. While the character steps out of the water, the reflections become almost negligible. It was noticeable, but not enough to attract PS4 users to upgrade.

The gamers are desperately waiting for PS5 to come out so they can test the newest features and games. Sony will surely launch a couple of enticing video games along with the new consoles. People have gone crazy since they heard that the release date is confirmed for PS5. They will buy it in herds.

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