6 Best Earthquake Tracker Apps for Android

Earthquakes are really terrifying, but we can get alerts and prepare ourselves for upcoming earthquakes with modern technology. Here are some best earthquake and earthquake tracker apps for Android.

The American Red Cross Earthquake

The American Red Cross Earthquake

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The American Red Cross Earthquake is an organization that provides a bunch of emergency assistance. It offers plenty of apps as well for various natural disasters, including earthquakes. The app notifies you before an earthquake happens in your locality, gives you a variety of information so that you can make a better preparation, provides a history of earthquakes, and many other things. The app even provides you with a bunch of tips for dealing with the situation during or after an earthquake. It is quite an amazing earthquake app and entirely available for free with no in-app purchases.

Earthquake Network

It is an all-in-one type earthquake app that detects earthquakes and alerts you. The app even uses the accelerometer available in your phone as a seismograph, but only while your device is charging. It is quite a nice earthquake app loaded with some additional useful features too. You can use Earthquake Network for free or purchase its premium version for $2.99.

Earthquake Pro

Earthquake Pro is another excellent earthquake app that allows you to view earthquakes from all around the world. Despite this, the app provides you with plenty of other fantastic features, including alerts for earthquakes, a built-in seismograph feature, details about the events, and a Material Design user interface. The app looks pretty decent and available for free to play; it also has a premium version that you can purchase for $3.49.

Earthquakes Tracker

Earthquakes Tracker is quite an older earthquake tracking app that tracks the earthquakes and alerts you about the upcoming earthquakes. The app also provides you with a variety of features such as customized alerts, a map of earthquake activity, various charts for data, and much other stuff. The app even allows you to see the total number of earthquakes that have happened and check their intensity as well. You can use Earthquakes Tracker for free with some ads or purchase its premium version for $3.49.


LastQuake is an excellent earthquake app developed by seismologists. LastQuake provides you with a variety of features, including information from 86 institutes from various countries, a simple user interface, various tips for earthquake safety, customizable notifications, and many other outstanding features. It is really a great earthquake app that I would strongly recommend you install on your smartphone. The app is entirely available for free to use.

Little Panda Earthquake Safety

Little Panda Earthquake Safety is quite an excellent earthquake game for kids. In the game, players get a panda; the goal is to keep the panda safe from earthquakes. The whole mechanism of the game is based on earthquake safety tips so that kids can learn what they should do in the event of an earthquake. The game is quite simple and entirely available for free to play with some ads.

So, these are some of the best earthquake and earthquake tracker apps that I would strongly recommend you to use. I hope the information provided in this article will be useful for you. Thank you for reading this article.

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