Watch Series 6 Vs. Galaxy Watch 3

Stuck with what your next smartwatch purchase should be? Well, this article will compare the best Apple Watch Series 6 with the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 for you. Keep reading to make the smartest decision to buy your smartwatch.

Watch Series 6 Vs. Galaxy Watch 3


Apple unveiled its most awaited Watch Series 6 during a recent event along with Apple’s cheapest and debuting Watch SE. Talking about Apple’s Watch Series 6, it has everything a premium fitness smartwatch can have, including the most wanted oxygen sensor. The predecessor of Apple Watch Series 6, Watch Series 5, already had a lot of health-tracking features and benefits such as an electrocardiogram (ECG) sensor and improved monitoring accuracy. Its competitor Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 was already boasting the same features as the Apple Watch Series 5. But with Apple’s Watch Series 6 all of the gaps have been filled.

Apple’s ‘Time Flies’ event showcased its most colorful lineup ever.  Apple Watch Series 6 comes with numerous color options, watch material, and is now capable of monitoring blood oxygen levels, that too in a mere fifteen seconds as claimed by the company of course. Apple Watch Series 6 is better at health tracking accuracy, faster speed, efficiency, upgraded real-time altimeter, sleep monitoring, and an always-on display. Don’t you think it’s too good to be true? But it is with the Watch Series 6.

Watch Series 6 Or Galaxy Watch 3?

Before starting to compare Apple Watch Series 6 with the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, if you will compare Series 6 with its predecessor Series 5, you will automatically come to know that Watch Series 6 stands right next to the Galaxy Watch 3 in comparison.

Both watches possess remarkably similar health tracking features. From advanced sleep-monitoring to efficient blood oxygen level tracking to safety measures and to fall detection, both the watches have it all. So, what should be the bases of comparison for these watches? Well, the biggest difference lies in their designs, operating platforms, and ecosystems supported.

On one hand, you have Apple’s Watch Series 6, which is perfect to accompany an iPhone and Apple’s ecosystem. On the other, there is Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, which is aimed towards Samsung’s platform and operating system. Although Series 6 comes with the bonus of the latest WatchOS 7 offering several watches faces particularly tailored towards the wearer’s lifestyle. However, Galaxy Watch 3 is more intended for people who prefer traditional-looking timepieces with the fitness tracking features. Therefore, comparing these smartwatches based on the operating system can be a major deciding factor here. Otherwise, both the watches are extremely alike in terms of features. The price tag also won’t help much here, as both the Apple Watch Series 6 and Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 are starting at $399 in the U.S.

We hope that this article helped you make an informed decision for your next smartwatch purchase.

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