Othercide-Slash to Survive

A smart strategy game with chilling visuals and abominations requires a brave heart to play it. Othercide is one such game with spine-chilling visuals and intelligent moves to conquer the end. The background music is a heavy metal soundtrack that makes it a complete package to add to the horror. But the storyline has a certain emotional tinge in it. It is about making sacrifices for the right choice and showing benevolence to traumatized people. But most of all, the story is about the courage of showing resilience after a failure.

The games start with you entering a world that is on the verge of catastrophe. A plague is already infesting some hypothetical city, but now some ghoulish creatures known as Others are troubling the people. The city has become the zone of an apocalyptic event that has split through time and space called ‘Dark Corner.’ Red Mother is the main protagonist who leads her army of Daughters to fight a battle against the Others, the devil-like creatures. Your character will have to control the army led by Red Mother. The Daughters have quite an uncanny look with white-hair and wide-eyes. From the starting of the game, a mystery will create around it that will compel you to reveal all the dark secrets and reach the end.

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With each level, you will earn shards to unlock ‘remembrances.’ A stage might come when all your Daughters die. You will have to collect the Daughters again or start from the beginning with a new Daughters collection. But it is not like you have to start from zero. The game is designed as such that it will help you mend every fault. ‘’Memories’’ is an ability bonus that you can apply to your Daughters to improve their attacks. But unlike ‘’remembrances’’, ‘’memories’’ don’t switch from one recollection to next. Try to reach new checkpoints to unlock more buffs and Remembrances so your Daughters can start a new run within subsequent levels.

An amazing touch of sacrifice is added to the Othercide. Once a Daughter loses health, she won’t regain the powers. You have to renounce another Daughter who is more robust to heal the injured one. Only a Resurrection Token can bring the deceased Daughter. There is a much more beneficial purpose behind the concept of sacrifice apart from healing the Daughter. As Daughters progress through each battle, they earn some traits, and once sacrificed, some characteristics pass on to the injured one. Beware! Not all traits are positive, some are negative, and that might pass too. So keep a check on the passing traits. Sacrifices will eventually make your team stronger as the passing attributes will stay permanently into the Daughter.

Gaining all the bonus rewards is very important for surviving the bloodlust battles. Your adversaries will go to any extent to harm the Daughters, which you must avoid at any cost. There is a timeline system that tracks the turn order of your Daughters and the monsters. You must know that there is a limited amount of action points for each of the Daughter. So combat becomes more challenging as you have to exhibit controlled and burst actions that make you attack sooner and reach the end of the timeline. Although burst actions are quite risky, they leave no stone unturned in killing your enemies. You must be careful while choosing the Daughter for the battles. 

The three main classes that you can select for your Daughters are

  • The Blademaster-specializes in melee combat
  • The Shieldbearer-can bear massive attacks
  • The Soulsinger not only shoots enemies but protect her associates too

You must thoroughly circumspect the outcome before choosing the abilities for your Daughters. Once chosen, you can’t take up any other option for that Daughter. These abilities will help you in every possible way to approach combat smartly. You will encounter that the bosses in Othercide exhibit deadly attacks, high-level combat moves that might lead your Daughters to the cemetery. Every new boss will be more challenging, but with time, your Daughters will get more training and remembrances to boost their power.

Overall the four main objectives of your army are

  • To hunt all the enemies
  • To sabotage a specific adversary
  • To rescue the unit
  • To survive until you find the escape route

These four objectives might feel repetitive with the same maps, locations, and dialogues that might make your mission exhausting. You must pay keen attention to the battle preparation menu ‘’codex’’ to give you detailed information about the Bosses. It narrows down every move and behavior of the boss, but only after you fight your first battle. Also, it provides information about every opponent as you come across them. The entire background story of Othercide from Mother to the child to Others is present in the codex. But you will only get to know them as you progress through the game. Codex will seem like a fantasy novel and will steal your attention towards itself. 

Apart from the combats, characters, and missions, you will fall in love with the theme and tale that do not lose its charm till the end. The horrific black background of the game fits perfectly with the visuals and music. This outstanding tactical game will give you the feel of a one-man army. All the deadly battles, horrific visuals, and captivating storylines will impart more challenges to your gaming. Othercide is one such rewarding combat that you would like to fight again.

Interesting Points

  • Timeline system allows you to improve your mastery
  • Visuals are inventive and chilling
  • Each combat brings you an inch towards perfection
  • Every winning move will reward you with bonus points
  • The storyline is quite intriguing and will keep you at the edge till the end.

Boring Points

  • Repetitive dialogues, instructions, and missions
  • Faulty technical issues especially on PS4
  • Sometimes the game crash in between
  • Progress might get lost

Files in the codex get erased along with the story

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