Spiritfarer-A Mystical Passage to Afterlife

There is not a single child who wouldn’t enjoy playing games online. Gaming is not all about just enjoyment. It inculcates the creativity in growing children. But it would be best if you took care that the children are not involved in some violent games. An engaging game with some excellent graphics and an interesting story will be perfect for the kids.


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Spiritfarer is one such game that is primarily meant for new gamers and the children. This exciting 2-D game will take you to a marvelous journey. The story woven for the game has every possible element that you would like to teach your kids. They would learn to share and care for their loved ones. One of the problematic aspects while teaching kids is to make them understand the concept of life and death. This game would help them in embracing those facts too. Wouldn’t it be better to experience these things in an animated world first?

Spiritfarer is a story about Stella who works as a ferry master for the deceased characters. The story starts how Stella builds a boat to sail throughout the world. Meanwhile, she makes friends with the spirits, cares for them, fulfills their wishes so they can peacefully accept their afterlife. Throughout the game, Spiritfarer is helping other beings. That could be a wise lesson for kids. As a Spiritfarer, Stella has to make sure the spirits of every being crosses the eternity in peace. This fabulous game will show how spirits make their final pass from our world to a mystical world that is unknown to us. It is important for the spirit farer to make the spirits feel cheerful and jubilant. Although the game is about death and letting go of friends, the entire format is built up with such liveliness and joy that you will enjoy it throughout the end.

As you will be playing the character of a Spiritfarer, many responsibilities will fall over your shoulder. The most important tasks would be to sail your boat through the oceans and follow the landmarks and islands. All this will help you in collecting resources that are important for you to continue the journey. One of the interesting facts about these explorations is that you will chance upon the places where you could receive shrines that grant few abilities. Being a Spiritfarer, your job is not just about ferrying the creatures. You have to help them in every possible way by listening to the stories of their previous lives and learning more about them. As much as you will know about them, more it will help in sorting out their issue. It won’t be possible for them to move on without having their wishes fulfilled.

Every character will ask you to perform quite interesting and adventurous tasks. Some would like to eat a certain delicacy. Your task will be to find the right recipe to prepare the meal for them. Another one would want to visit the place related to their past life. While completing all these tasks, you will collect many things on your ship that will be helpful in further adventure. The spirits would need a temporary shelter too. Your ship will be their home and you have to provide them with everything. Besides helping them, you must also focus on the collectibles as they will keep you strong and make some dangerous tasks possible. Two main strengths of the Spiritfarer are its Everlight- a Swiss knife-like thing and her cat Daffodil. Everlight is a magical tool that is useful in performing every task. It is actually an all-rounder tool. Unlike other games, where there are multiple tools that create confusion, Spiritfarer has just one multipurpose tool.

The tasks, though seems menial, are quite engaging. This will bring out the creative side of you. While in a workshop filled with construction material, you will have to do smelting by holding the metals. The tasks will look repetitive and easy but its diversity will keep you hooked throughout. Once you are through with the task and receive a reward, a sense of achievement will fill inside your heart. The game is all about discovering new facts at every step. There is no fixed algorithm to play the game so you can indulge in some experiments of your own. For say, while cooking, mix the ingredients as per your wish and see what new dish comes out.

As the game progresses, your ship will reach new heights. There will be more rooms, kitchens, gardens and all the other facilities will be available on your ship. In fact, at one point in time, you will be able to build a number of new buildings in your ship either side by side or on top of each other. In a way, you can create your whole world inside your ship. Eventually, you will start having a sense of belonging with the ship. You will be so thorough with each room in the vessel that it might feel that you actually live there. To add more fun to your ship, there will be an option to include bounce pads, zip lines, and swings around. Needless to say, imagine how fun it would be to play with all those things.

The best thing about Spiritfarer is that it has light animations and graphics that are easy to get accustomed to, unlike heavy animated games that keep us confused for a long time. Dying won’t be a bloodbath scene here. It will be as pleasant as bidding goodbye to a dear friend who is happy to move on and embrace eternity. Every new task that you will perform in the journey will impart you a new skill that will add to your inventory. The entire adventurous tasks like bounce pads and zip lines will feel smooth after a while and will help you move quickly. If you also dream of sailing the ship someday and enjoying the scenic beauty of the oceans and islands, then this game will give you a slight glimpse of that world.

Interesting Points

  • A good start for beginners and children.
  • Even Monotonous tasks come with variety.
  • Unlimited experimentation
  • No punishments for failure.
  • Every character is unique and has something different to offer.
  • The narrative and background story is excellent.

Boring Points

  • Not for those who like fast-paced bloodbath games.
  • Few tasks are sedentary.
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