Thousand Threads-Beware of the Next Move

Gaming enthusiasts often grab any new high pace game in the market. They don’t rest until they are through with the game. Gaming is not just a source of fun. It enhances the feeling of creativity, optimism, and curiosity inside us. If not in real life, then at least in the gaming world, we could be heroes. The exceptional animation and graphics of a high-end game can take you to an entirely different world. A world that depends on you for survival and where you are the main protagonist.

Thousand Threads is one such game that will open the doors of beautiful foothills for you. But you will have to unravel all the things on your own by performing some mind-blowing tasks. It will start with an alien land where you will find a single path to follow. Beware, while choosing any other path as a hungry wolf, would be waiting for you there. You might become the source of sustenance for the wolf. Even if you succeed in outrunning him, the chances are that he would attack some innocent folks while searching for food. Do you have the heart to see the wolf ravaging the people to satiate his hunger? So follow the required path, and you might come upon a few people who will ask you to perform some menial jobs for them. You might also come across a terrifying sight of the mailman’s dead body. One of your tasks would be to deliver his remaining letters.


Basically, a few of your significant tasks during the game would be

  • To deliver the mail to the people – It might be easier to find some of them, but the real task will be to find the folks who are challenging to locate.
  • To collect historical artifacts – These artifacts will be an asset for you as you can sell them to unearth the historical facts of that land.
  • To help the fellow folks – It is quite apparent since you are the hero of the game. You will get the reward for this heroic deed.
  • To befriend the people there – Refrain from attacking the people. Try to fulfill their request as much as possible. The land is full of danger, and you must have more people to watch your back.
  • To collect plants and pelts – You can’t fend off yourself with bare hands. Keep upgrading your inventory by either collecting tools or crafting weapons and ammunition during the journey.

Overall, the game’s primary requirement is to meet as many people as you can and fulfill their tasks. Some might give you the money in return, and some might provide precious items that you could use for barter later on. Working is essential as you need the money to unlock the map for continuing the journey. You can also refuse to take up the task if there is not much of the money required, and you want to reach the end soon. But if you’re going to explore every angle, then accept as many tasks as possible. It will keep you intrigued throughout.

Thousand threads is a game where you can act both violently and non-violently. To go with the non-conflicting experience – do not infuriate anyone on the way and keep a distance from deadly wild animals, especially bears and wolves.  This way, you will keep exploring more threads of this world and might finish it up in a few hours. But if you are up for exhibiting the rebel side of your attitude, then refuse to perform the jobs for the people, pick up a fight, and use your lethal weapons to fight the wolves. Your inventory will have few options for you, such as a pickaxe, a useful asset to bludgeon the people, and the wolves. Let me remind you, filling the inventory is equally essential for your survival. You never know what might attack you or if the next path is filled with evil beings.

To add more fun to the game, you can also read the mails of the people. There is no fine for doing that. Those letters might have some interesting anecdotes and drama to spice up your journey. Do that only if you have enough time for the game as the story threads in the letters hold no importance in your tasks. I think the entire idea behind this game is to check how you deal with different characters. Everything from their behavior to your response will reflect on your map. Some might dislike you, and some might creep you out. One of the creepy characters would even ask you for a baby’s teeth. There would be many such disgusting requests from the characters. Perform such tasks if you need money for your journey else, you can use your axe to hit those creeps. A mysterious tinge is added to the game by hiding and burying some artifacts. Excavate those items to chance upon some exciting fables. But it is not just about some impressive tale. Those artifacts could reveal some mind-blowing secrets.

Apart from all this, the game’s changing scenarios with different color shades and background scenes are quite pleasant to watch. You can also divert from the designated path and enjoy running after rabbits and deer, throw pebbles in the water and enjoy the scenic beauty. As you will progress through the game, it will give a sense of achievement. The more you will fill your inventory, the easier it will be to achieve the tasks. So pay great attention to collecting the rewards.

So if you are someone who has the habit of playing a single game over again, this game will be perfect for you because every time you will start the game from the beginning, new adventures and characters will come across you. You could also enjoy those letters filled with emotional and surprising elements of the lives of the people. Every time it will be a fresh start for you. Thousand Threads works seamlessly on both Windows and Mac through Steam. So get your laptop or PC and immerse yourself into a fascinating animated world.

Interesting Points

  • Will keep you intrigued throughout.
  • Amazing visuals that let you discover new paths.
  • Small anecdotes of the characters are enjoyable to read.

Boring Points

  • The sense of being intrigued might not come out well.
  • Fellow folks are not very impressive.
  • Becomes monotonous over time.
  • Experiments might turn into punishment.

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