Improve iPhone Video Color And Light Using Google Photos

Recently, Google updated its Photos app, which will allow the iPad and iPhone owners to use powerful color and light correction tools. The feature will be exclusively available to iPad and iOS devices. In contrast, users with Android phones can not utilize their abilities. And when Google updates the feature for Android users is still unknown.

The Google Photos is both a cloud-based video and photo storage and also an app. These two components work together, which allows the users to sync a Google account to the cloud. Google Photos provides unlimited free space to store videos and pictures in high quality. For the maximum rate, the users have to get a paid subscription. The application was launched in May 2015, and it is separated from Google+. It provides options to store pictures up to 16 megapixels and videos up to 1080p resolution. The software service will automatically analyze the images and identify various visual effects. Users can easily search their photos by searching them in the three primary options: Places, People, and Things. The computer vision recognizes the faces of humans and also of animals. It can identify similar places and subject matters such as buildings, birthdays, food, animals, and more and then put them up in separate folders. Photos’ rich feature provides a user-friendly interface offering advanced capabilities and powered by artificial intelligence.


With the latest version, 5.8, Google introduced new tools, including a better performing video editor. The update of the latest version is available in the App Store. It is all set to give a tough competition to the Apple Photos video editing feature. The Apple Photos already has color correction and light tools. However, Google’s feature is somewhat similar to Apple’s, but Google Photos has better color controls and light distinctness. The app also has a filter effect, but the real power is the icon looks like a slider. Users can use the play button and video scrubber, and adjustments can be previewed before actually applying them. Whereas in the Apple Photos app, the changes can not be undone. If anyone wants to change the setting, a new copy will be saved rather than overwritten the original one.

The color control of the software is different from that of Apple, including slider the skin tone, and the deep blue effect blurs the video. Apple Photos has live previews and video correction, but Google Photos will offer a better experience.

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